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There are few days as important as the day you get engaged. In many ways, it’s more important than the wedding; I mean think about it, this will be the day when you agree to stay together forever – the ceremony that’ll follow will simply concrete it in the eyes of the law. So definitely, you’ll want to make the moment as magical as can be. But how do you do this? Take a look below I list five ways you can make this happen.



Look to your Past

You’re about to embark on an exciting journey together, but you won’t just be looking to your future when you get engaged; there’ll also be a look back to the past, too.So try to incorporate some of your shared experiences into your special moment- For example, you could choose to ask your partner to marry you at a spot where you both hold treasured memories, or at a concert of a an artist that you both admire maybe they can perform  a song which was the soundtrack to your love awww!!  But it really doesn’t matter, as long as there’s some sign of your past included in the day.

Getting Inspired

You don’t need to think of everything yourself. You’re not the only person to get engaged! There’s plenty of history there, and thus plenty of inspiration, too. Why not take a look at the celebrity engagement trends, and see how the rich and famous do things. You might not have the budget of the actors and musicians, but you can still sprinkle a few of their ideas onto your special day. And how about your friends? They might have some cool ideas that they didn’t use for their own engagement; if they approve of you guys getting married, then I’m sure they’ll let you use their ideas.

Plan for More

There’s a common mistake made when it comes to an engagement. People usually ask their partner to spend the rest of their life with them at the end of the evening, after all the fun has been had! There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but wouldn’t be it better to ask earlier in the evening, and then spend a few quality hours together? Ask as the sun is setting, and you’ll have the whole night in which to have dinner and enjoy each other’s company and umm do other thangzzz.

Bring the Love


You’re going to be nervous when you’re asking someone to marry you, but don’t rush through the act. This is your opportunity to speak from the heart and explain exactly why you want to be with them forever! While you don’t need to have a speech prepared, it’s a good idea to open that heart up and let all the love flow out like Corey and Topanga- Yassss lol

Make it Fun!

Finally, remember that an engagement doesn’t have to be all serious. It can be fun too! If you make it loving and heartfelt, then you’ll have an engagement that promises a happy marriage. Trust me.

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