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Fashion shows are always interesting for those who keep tabs on runway styles and the very latest collections from top designers. Indeed, even beyond red carpets and runways these events can be fun to attend given that the crowd tends to dress its best and it’s a nice opportunity to show off your amazing  wardrobe as well! But in big cities, there are similar opportunities throughout any given year you just have to b ein the know!

This is perhaps more true of New York City than anywhere else on the planet. So happy I live here- Yasss!!  Naturally, you can find an excuse to dress up pretty much anytime. Whether you’re attending a Broadway show, visiting an exclusive club, or checking out one of the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants, you can always dress your best. But if you’re more interested in specific events or you’re just looking for an excuse to travel to the city that never sleeps, here are four great occasions to show off your style.

Tribeca Film Festival

Having been co-founded by Robert De Niro back on 2002, the Tribeca Film Festival has become one of the most famous film festivals in the U.S. – perhaps second only to Sundance. It showcases documentaries, short films, and features, and always draws a vibrant combination of film lovers, industry professionals, and recognizable celebrities. You don’t exactly need to dress up to attend, but you can rest assured there will be many people there sporting high-end fashion and looking effortlessly chic. Celebrity sighting is considered to be one of the great things about attending the festivals, and of course famous actors and directors just about always look their best. Dressing to blend in is part of the fun.

Jazz Age Lawn Party


This is more of an occasion for pageantry than for typical fashion, but it’s still an event that the fashionistas will get into. It’s held each June in New York City and is basically exactly what it sounds like – a sort of outdoor party/festival that pays homage to the era of jazz and prohibition. It takes place on Governors Island and includes live music, food, and drink. And the dress code is essentially reminiscent of The Great Gatsby. Guests have a lot of fun getting into the stylish attire of an age now nearly 100 years past, and the truth is most of them look good doing it!

U.S. Open

There’s a lot to enjoy at the U.S. Open even for the most casual sports fans. This extravaganza of professional tennis takes place in late August and early September and inspires all kinds of activity. Hardcore fans read up on the favorites in advance and plan their visits around seeing specific players. Casual fans seeking recreation come to explore the grounds, enjoy perhaps the best concession offerings in all of sports, and see different players on different courts. But particularly during the evening sessions, fashionable fans and celebrities flock to the Open. You can still get away with dressing casually if you like, but it’s perfectly ordinary to dress in your most fashion-forward attire, splurge on some nice seats, and sip champagne during a match.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

The holiday season in New York City just makes you want to look your best. It’s such a beautiful spectacle for virtually the whole month of December (if not a little more), you want to get into the spirit, dress up, and attend every Christmas party or event you can. There are plenty of events that are fairly casual, and even the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is pretty light-hearted by nature. But it’s a nice annual occasion to dress as if you’re going out for a night on Broadway, perhaps with a few holiday-themed touches. I actually went to see the show and it was amazing!!

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