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Most of us make an effort to exercise and stay fit so that we look good in all the latest outfits or perhaps when we don’t have any clothes on at all, and so that we can stay physically fit. However, fitness is about much more than how we feel and how far we can run if we have to, it is about our lives as a whole. There are so many life issues (some of which you wouldn’t expect) which can be fixed, or at least helped significantly) by hitting the gym…


The rapper Eminem famously switched his addiction to Vicodin and valium for regular 17 mile runs, and he is not alone in using fitness to overcome addiction. Many addicts find that because exercise reduces stress and sends positive chemicals to the brain, it is a good way of sublimating their addictions to substances. So, if you’re in the midst of an addiction, as well as seeking help from the likes of the Canadian Health Recovery Centre and their trained recovery specialists, try putting on your sneakers and going for a run or hitting the gym and lifting as heavy as you can. It probably won’t be the whole solution, but it will help, especially in recovery when having something positive to do can make all the difference.

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Okay, so you aren’t going to live forever if you go for a long run or practice yoga every day but there is plenty of evidence that  shows regular exercise has anti-aging benefits. When you workout, you build muscle tone, you keep your organs in good shape and you even help to keep your skin looking young (one study suggests you can even reverse signs of aging by exercising) and this will definitely help you to look and feel younger for far longer, We all want that right? I do!!

Loss of Interest in Sex

If you’ve been suddenly hit with a low sex drive and it’s affecting your relationship with your spouse, or simply your enjoyment with life, as well as seeing the doctor (low-libido can be a symptom of some health issues) you might want to start hitting the gym more often. Why? Because according to Ask Alice at Columbia University, exercise can release feel-good endorphins and that can trigger the arrival of lots of libido-boosting hormones, which will help you to get in the mood again. Not only that, but when you exercise, you get the blood flowing around the body, and you know how that can help with getting you in the mood! Yasss!

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Whether you simply have a case of the blues or you’re clinically depressed, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that getting up and getting moving can have a positive effect on your mood thanks to, you’ve guessed it, endorphins. I know it can be difficult to get moving when you aren’t feeling your best, but even just a quick walk around the block will be beneficial.

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Exercise really is amazing when you think about it, isn’t it? Lol I know I know but still go and get it done!

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