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Making the work world accessible is something more and more companies are paying attention to these days. Half of the population of the world have very specific needs to address, and ignoring these would leave them with a seriously low pool of applicants! But not everyone has caught up, and not everyone knows they have the right to make the work world better for them.

So almost everybody on the planet has an accessibility problem when it comes to leading a career, whether you’re someone who can’t rely on transport or you’re an expectant mother, or anyone in between. So it’s time to make a difference for yourself, and hopefully for everyone like you. Here’s a couple of tips to get you started on your journey. Thank Me later!

Talk to Your Supervisor

If you’re working in a physical workplace, the first port of call for your needs is to speak to your supervisor. If they don’t know there’s a problem you’re experiencing, they can’t even begin to fix it, even if you think they’d have no interest in making work easier for you. Even better, if you have a way to fix the problem you’re experiencing, you can volunteer immediately!

Train Online

There’s a good chance you’re using the internet every day, and because of that, you’ve probably heard about the online degree programs there are out there. Don’t quite believe in them? Trust me it works. My hubby was able to get a few certificates online. If you know you can’t make it to a college for four years, or if you can’t live on a college budget, or if you dropped out of school a while back and now want to try it out again, use the internet to help you out. No matter what it is you want to do to make a career change, whether you want to train in an MSN-FNP program or follow up some kind of nano degree course, this is how you can make them accessible to you.

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Open Yourself Up to Recruiters

It’s time to brush up your resume and post it online, making yourself available to any employer out there looking for your skills and experience level. If you’ve got what they need, they’re much more likely to make the necessary allowances for you. Provide your contact details and always be open to receiving calls and emails; it’s much better than having a locked profile on social media and an unfinished portfolio for people to follow up on.

It’s also a good way to make the connections you’re going to want when it comes to finding the right job for you. Whilst you might not get the position, you are going to have the right people to contact when you’re in need, and people to put in a good word for you whenever you need it.

Making the work world more accessible requires some time and effort on your part, but it’s something you can absolutely do! You can be your own best friend.

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