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For many women, pregnancy is one of the most exhilarating and exciting things that can happen to them. It should be a cause for celebration all around, but it can also bring a lot of anxiety. Many women are concerned about how their pregnancy and impending motherhood might affect their job, career, image, and place in the workplace. Here, we’re going to look at why your bump shouldn’t cause any problems at all.

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Know your rights

Much of the anxiety women feel related to pregnancy and work is due to the very real fact that women are still losing their jobs because they are pregnant. However, while you can’t control how your boss reacts, you can control how you handle it. It’s illegal for any kind of workplace discrimination against women who are pregnant or planning for a baby. If you experience any harassment, threats, or you are terminated, make sure you make a record of everything you can. Pregnancy discrimination is one of the most common employment lawsuits in the courts today and it can result in quite the payout.

Know your responsibilities
More and more employers and managers are coming around to the place of pregnancy in the workplace so there is a good chance you won’t have to be so active in standing up for your rights. However, you can and should be more active in taking a responsibility for your absence. Your boss can’t force you to do it, but if you can help them prepare for your departure, they are likely to love you for it, as suggested by MindfulReturn.com. Preparing a list of the duties you normally take care of so that they can find a way to fill your role, for instance, is a very decent thing to do and it shows that you take both your role in the workplace and the needs of your colleagues seriously.

Don’t feel you have to hide

Another concern of pregnant women is that their bump is going to show and it’s going to affect their professional appearance. However, by browsing selections from UniformsAndScrubs.com today, you can see that there are plenty of designers creating maternity clothes that allow you to dress and look the part while remaining comfortable. No longer do you have to feel like you have to hide the bump. Pregnancy in the workplace is becoming more accepted, slowly but surely.

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Start planning for the future

It’s not something that’s going to happen right now, but it’s a good idea to have your return to work  as planned in order to get yourself back in the flow of things as easily as possible. Take that list of duties and responsibilities you shared with the boss, for instance, so you fully remind yourself of what you can expect to get back into. Start thinking about childcare needs well in advance, and take a little spare time when you’re out of work to keep brushing up on your skills so you don’t need as long to acclimate and continue building your career.

There are dangers out there from employers who don’t know your rights, but so long as you’re aware of the risks as you’re prepared for both your exit and your reintegration, you should be able to handle this career bump just fine.


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