Wrap Queen Headwrap by islandchic77

Hey My Loves!

How are you?! I’ve been a busy bee these days and feeling so much anxiety with everything that has been happening in the world lately. I just want it to stop. It’s not easy for me as I have a lil boy and I worry for him every day 24-7 it does not turn off, and with the direction this world is headed -I’m honestly just scared. Anywhose on to more exiting things ūüôā My company celebrated its 2 year¬†anniversary yesterday Yeap¬†2 years baby! {WrapQueen} I’m so happy and humbled that I can call myself a business owner. Its¬† the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do but I love it and I’m in control and it feels great.

Wrap Queen Headwrap by islandchic77

Now can we talk about this dress please. It’s so meee:) Oh look who finally shaved their legs- Meeeee again!!!¬† hahaha If you have been following for a while now then you know I’m a huge fan of dresses. They are just thee cutest¬† and I get to embrace my girly side. I haven’t worn a dress in so long; actually last August when I was on the “Today” show. I wore a dress similar to this one and I loved it. Dresses are a super-go to for me because it’s easy, similar to a romper, although getting out of a romper can be quite the challenge hahah. So I’ll take a dress any day, especially ones with frills- Yess!!. What made me get this one was the high neck and the frills- those details completely took the dress up a notch in my book. I also like that this dress is lined, super important to me and gives the dress a more expensive look and feel.


Wrap Queen Headwrap by islandchic77

I’ve had these shoes forever and that day was my first time wearing it. I was so worried because it was raining and they are satin shoes so I didn’t want to damage them, but luckily they were okay. The hubby tied them up for me- I’d say he did a pretty good job lol. Have a beautiful week!

Thanks for Reading guys!


What I Wore:  Dress {Here}  Earrings {Here}Shoes{Here} Love these ones {Here} Bag: Chanel /Similar {Here} & {Here} Headwrap {Here}

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