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There are always times when you need a little extra money, and straight after Christmas is one of them. But whatever your reason is, your regular funds just might not be enough this month, and you need some extra cash to see you through. No one wants to get into debt, but there are ways of making some extra money without taking out a loan or using a credit card – although, these options don’t have to mean the end of the world.

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Turning a hobby into cash

Crafting is one of the most common hobbies in the country, and it can easily make you a nice profit as sites like Etsy make the selling process so easy. If you make bracelets, for example, work out how much each one costs to make on average and then add a percentage of that cost on top – this is your profit margin. Don’t forget to include the price of packaging and postage within the original price.

You can also turn a hobby like blogging into a profitable enterprise. Maybe you just blog once a week, or whenever you get a chance, but it doesn’t really matter how much you blog as long as you have a decent readership the potential for profit is there. A lot of companies pay to be featured in blogs, anything from marketing sites to gyms will pay for the advertising. You can also look at reviews where you may not be paid in cash but in products.


You might have to consider loaning those funds from somewhere else. A low-interest and low amount credit card might be enough to see you through this tough time, while not putting you into any major debt. If it’s material things that you need – if something has broken and you desperately need to get it fixed, then quite a lot of companies allow you to affirm, meaning that you loan the credit for the item and pay the money back to that company over a set amount of time, look for affirm reviews to get more information. It’s not ideal, but might be just what you need to see you through.

Pet sitting

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If you love animals, becoming a pet sitter is a great way to earn some extra money.  I know but trust me there’s real money to be made. If you work from home normally, it can be so easy to have a pet all week, and if you work a nine-to-five job then limit it to weekends. But you might find that a lot of pets are used to being on their own during the day, and a lot don’t really need you to be to there all day – like guinea pigs and rabbits. Just make sure that you’re comfortable looking after that particular animal before agreeing to the job; if you hate spiders then don’t pet sit a tarantula. Hahah It’s the same if you don’t know how to look after a particular animal – but it’s easy to find out how online, and through talking to the pet’s owner:) 
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