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If you’re looking for a fabulous place to enjoy copious amounts of sun, sand, sea and tropical cocktails, you simply cannot beat the Caribbean.

There are lots of fabulous places to spend time when you’re in the Caribbean, but Antigua has to be one, if not best Caribbean destinations overall. There’s just so much to do and see there, especially if you like spending your vacations in the lap of luxury!jmh

Not convinced? Check out these very good reasons to go on an Antiguan adventure of your own:

The Antigua Carnival is Spectacular

If you visit Antigua during the first week of August, you will get to witness the wonderful spectacle that is carnival. Taking place over no less than 13 days it is a colorful, vibrant party filled with great food, amazing music and some pretty impressive parades. You will have the time of your life singing, dancing, drinking and soaking up some true Caribbean culture. It will be one experience that you’ll never forget. Oh, the fashion is amazing too, so you’ll definitely want to spend some time working on your carnival outfit before you head out. You’re already sold, right? But just in case…

There’s a Beach for Every Day of the Year

Okay, so you probably aren’t going to be able to spend a whole year in Antigua (that would be so amazing), but it’s still worth noting that there are no less than 365 beached in Antigua and they are amongst the most pristine you will ever see in your life. The sand is whiter than white; the sea is a perfect shade of aquamarine and the palm trees provide the perfect level of shade to sip cocktails in total comfort. This place is really a dream come true.

The Seafood is to Die For

If you love seafood, you’ll love Antigua. Being an island in the West Indies, it benefits from copious amounts fo the freshest fish you will ever eat anyway and the locals’ unique way of spicing the food goes a long way to ensuring that your taste buds are tingled and your palate is fully satisfied.  Rum bar and Mahi Mahi are probably the best places to enjoy seafood, but pretty much all of the eateries are worth your time.

St John’s is a Vibrant Town


St John’s is the biggest town on Antigua and it is a fantastic place to visit if you like the hustle and bustle of town life. Not only is the colonial architecture extremely picturesque, thanks to their quaint designs and vibrant colors, but the reggae-inspired graffiti is very interesting, the bars and restaurants are s laid back as the food and drink is good and the bustling market is the best place to pick up a bargain or two before heading to the beach.

Sailing Round the Island Only Takes a Day

Antigua is so small that you can sail around the whole island in just one day, and it’s a great way to get some fresh sea air and plenty of sun while enjoying sights like Shirley Heights and Great Bird Island, which is a fantastic place for snorkelling.

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