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I know it’s been forever- I know I’m sorry gohhhh but I’m back and I’m better ahaha I just always wanted to say that lol.  But seriously; I plan to turn up the heat this August I want to show you guys more outfit photos even a few fun tutorials on how wear my headwraps as I get alot of questions. We took these pix in Harlem, we were actually scoping out neighborhoods and looking at town houses and such. I like Harlem but I don’t love it. Still don’t quite feel like I belong but I’ll figure it out.  Although, I must say I’m a sucker for these Brown stones jeeze. They are beautiful I love when each brown stone has a color it gives the nabe so much sass. Last year I came across a lilac purple one it was so beautiful. I cannot wait to go to San Francisco so I can get a photo in front of this beauty right here. 

We also went for brunch at the cutest vegan restaurant near by. I had jade mushrooms with Kale and brown rice along with scallion pancakes  and a small salad-so yummy!

I love matching sets because you don’t have to think about what you’re going to wear. The outfit is there for you! Interesting enough, I don’t own alot of sets and I’m not sure why. I do know that I adore this one. It gives off a nautical vibe which I’m feeling. I love that the shorts are high waisted- I’ll take high waisted anything tbh. The outfit is super light  weight too I plan on bringing it on vacation as well, so you will see it again. Just with a different headwrap and shoe….I’m thinking my red headwrap next time.You guys- I was so upset once I realized that these were not the shoes I planned on wearing ::Crying Face:: I have theeeee perfect heels for this look. The shoe is as bright as my headwrap but I was in a hurry as per usual and grabbed these clear ones which was meant for another look. {Sigh} what do you guys think are you still feeling it with the clear shoes?

Thanks For Reading!


What I wore:   Two Piece Set In {M} {Here} Headwrap {Here} Heels {Here} Love these {Here} {Here} {Here} & {Here} Bag {Here} Love this one {Here}



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