Islandchic77 Wrap Queen Headwrap

Hey My Loves!

How are you? Wahhhhh It’s August make it stop please please…I literally have done nothing this Summer yet just work no beach nor pool but it’s fine it will pay off or I’ll just head to the pool in the Winter lol. My baby boy who is now almost 8 has been with me too. I feel like I’m getting to know him as well. It’s funny how you don’t realize how much you don’t see your kids until you see them and you’re like wait…do you sweat that much,(hahah) he sweats alot even on his nose like his grandma. Thank god he’s not a girl because makeup and sweat not good lololol or do you laugh that loud, wait am I smelling your arms already hahaha he’s gonna kill me lol . He’s also so incredibly charming and funny, You also get to see the flaws too, I’m constantly like don’t move, no running inside, did you brush your teeth, do not lie to your parents, stop being lazy, take that out your mouth wtf are you 2. Take your head off the table when you’re eating, hold the fork this way, pay attention hahaha I mean non stop but I love the good and the bad and the annoying parts because I feel like I know him and I get to see what the teachers sees everyday lol. But I get to help him and guide him on the right path. It just showed me how much our kids need us to pay attention. I must say I will be giving them a better gift this year because mannnnn they deal with alot.

Islandchic77 Wrap Queen Headwrap

Okay so enough mommy talk- Can we talk about this dress. I love it- it’s amazing. The hubbz told me I looked like a refreshing glass of  chocolate almond milk hahah I’ll take it. Nice and healthy lol. I have a love hate relationship with white  I try to wear one white ensemble every summer, because what’s Summer without wearing white. I just hate how much I have to be careful when I’m eating gohhh and I can be a mess I tell ya. We actually had brunch in an upper coming area in the Bronx which is so artsy and very cultured. I got so many compliments about this dress, I think it’s because it’s not a neat dress, in the sense that there are visible threads hanging off the bottom of the dress and around my waist, usually I hate visible threads but this dress was so different and had an open back so all the yess. I also like that the straps are adjustable. Oh before I go- can we talk about this headwrap? I meann if it’s not giving you life right now then what is lol. I love the color and how massive I made it in size hahah just like I like it.

Islandchic77 Wrap Queen HeadwrapIslandchic77 Wrap Queen Headwrap

What I Wore- White Dress (M) {Here} Headwrap {Here} Bag {Here} Similar {Here}

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