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When summer is over and the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, which is happening now with this damn rain.  it can be very easy to sink into a sad slump. There is no more sunshine and you are suddenly freezing cold on your journey to work; wrapping up warm has never been your favorite fashion trend, but you know you have to embrace the cold weather when it hits. Whether you’re rocking that Kim K inspired look or going with a boho chic vibe, there are many ways to boost your mood and confidence levels when the weather gets colder. If you’re one of those people who starts to feel sad when the sun goes away, here’s how you can cheer yourself up.

Shopping Always Helps

When the weather changes overnight from a sunny warm climate to frigid temperatures, there is nothing more mood lifting than a good old shopping spree. If you just visit this website of choice, Filly Flair you will be able to shop from the comfort of your warm blanket at home.Or any website really!  No need to venture out into the cold air and go to the mall. Buy some fabulous winter coats and fall inspired handbags at the click of a button- Yassss.

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Adjust Your Beauty Regime

When the temperature drops, you need to take special care when it comes to your beauty regime. You will need an extra amount of moisture on your face, hands and lips simply because the cold air can dry out our delicate skin quickly. Treat yourself to a nourishing face mask that is bursting with moisturizing nutrients. This will ensure that your skin doesn’t go dull as the cloud come out.

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Redecorate Your Room

There is nothing more exciting than getting your bedroom ready for the winter months. Although you hate the cold outside, you can create a cosy haven in your room to make you feel happier and more content during this season. Fill your bed with snuggly blankets, rustic pillows and fun fall accessories to lift your spirits instantly.

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Organize Seasonal Social Events

You might feel like hibernating at home during the colder months, but you should get outside and see your friends more. There are so many fun Halloween party ideas for you to explore, so you shouldn’t feel too tied to your house when the weather gets bleak. Hanging out and socializing with your best friends will make you feel happier and more positive.

Whether you want to rock a brand new Fall style or amp up your beauty regime to reflect the cooler weather, all of these things will make you feel much better in your own skin. Believe it or not, the weather can have huge effects on your mood, so you need to power through and find ways to feel happy again. Use your fashion sense and bubbly personality to put a spring in your step again. The cold weather will soon fly by and you will be able to pull out your bikinis and flip flops again soon-promise.

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