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Style is unique to everyone, that’s what makes it so great! Who doesn’t love spending hours pouring over Pinterest and Instagram admiring someone’s incredible style- I’m actually obsessed.  But while it’s great to look up to someone else’s style, it’s also great to work on your own.

Wrap Queen Headwrap by islandchic77

Learn to develop your own unique look with these great tips for doing your style, your way.

Don’t feel like you have to follow all the trends

Fashionistas don’t just follow fashion trends, they make them. So when you’re taking a look at the latest style forecasts and don’t like what you see, don’t feel like you have to follow suit for the sake of fashion. Choose pieces and styles you love, not just because someone tells you too. If you need some inspiration for this season, take a look at fall fashion photos to see if there are bits you can copy to suit your own taste.

Invest in luxe pieces to last season after season

IslandChic77 and Wrap Queen Head wrap

While it’s fun to keep up with the latest fashion trends, you can keep your look relevant to you each season by investing in some luxe pieces that you can wear again and again. Itself such as a designer purse, some always-in-style boots or a classic coat can all be great pieces for your wardrobe. This way, you’re not basing your whole look on trend-led styles and can incorporate your own style into the look too.

What’s your signature?

For Anna Wintour, it’s her ever-present bob haircut, Victoria Beckham is rarely seen out of some stiletto heels. We all have something unique to us that we love about our look – what’s yours? Whether it’s a hairstyle, custom name bracelets or a jacket you can’t live without, make it your signature. That way, no matter what you put on, you’ll always have a piece of something that’s uniquely yours. Min is my headwrap but you already know that:)

Customize and tailor

Fashion is fluid, and while one trend might work for one person, it might not work for another. If you enjoy a project, learn how to customize your own clothes to be able make your own clothing more unique to you. Tailoring is also something you can do to make your clothes more personal. A custom fit is the best way to ensure your clothes fit and flatter your body shape, so a bit of tailoring can go a long way to set off your personal style.

Be bold

One of the best ways you can own your own style is to simply be bold. Don’t be afraid to take risks, were bright colors and styles and choose things that might put you out of your comfort zone. Hold your head high and wear your look with confidence – you never know who you might inspire with your style!


Discovering your style is a great way to fall further in love with fashion. Create mood boards, showcase your style and show the world how you do your style, your way.

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