Hey My loves!

How are Yah! So today for some odd reason I’m feeling ugh definitely think it’s winter blues I need sun dammit although when it’s sunny I go hide in the shade and complain I’m too hot- lol but you know what I mean. I just need it not to be mother effin night-time at 4pm….like why. I end up feeling so unproductive like I did nothing. Two days ago it was 5 degrees and I swear to god I did not leave my bed at all.

Anywhose let’s talk about this outfit. First of all you may can’t see it in these pix or maybe you can but your girl was freezing okay. I’m not sure why the heck I took my coat off but I wanted to show you the entire outfit so I froze a bit lol. I’m absolutely living for this color. I could wear it everyday haha. Oh and these pants yesss I absolutely love I might pick up another pair.

Thanks for Reading!

I’m wearing: Top; Here Pants; Here  Headwrap: Here 


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