Hey Guys!

How are you? Thanks for all the love shown on my last post. It was truly appreciated. So lets see, whats been up with me? To tell you the truth January has really been an eye opener for me, and I  know what you are thinking ….like-sis January isn’t over yet. But I have figured out people so much within a half month and a lot about myself. I’ve also started writing down my everyday goals and checking them off once it’s completed. Well umm I started that today but whose counting lol. Trust me you guys you should try it-I feel so much more productive throughout the day. I’ve also figured out a lot about my business too and plan on having weekly meetings with the hubbz so we can really crush this year, I’m both exited and scared. I think my biggest problem is being organized. Comment below any tips you have on keeping organized- I need them.

Okay- so can we get into this look. We got an actual good day in NYC recently and when I say good I mean above 30 degrees, sigh. I’ve been wanting to wear this cute leather jacket for the longest and didn’t want to wait until spring. So I decided to wear it today with an all black look. Just simple and chic. I’m really into that look these days. I actually own a lot  of leather jackets my favorite is one I picked up from Nasty Gal, but I’m loving this one maybe a tad more because of the collar. I love that I can adjust the collar and it will stay in place. Plus the fit is sexy- I swear Shein has been killing lately.

Oh the hubby and I decided to take these shots while we waited for the Metro- as inside was nicely heated. We also saw an ex coworker/friend of mine who we haven’t seen in 10 years- so I was super happy.Thanks for reading guys!

What I Wore: Jacket (M){Here} Turtle Neck(Here) Jeans, Mango- I own these {Here} {Similar} Headwrap {Here} Heels (Sold Out) I have this one {Here}

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