Hey My loves! We are in 2019!! Can you believe that? Happy New Year to all my supporters you guys are truly incredible. It’s been a rocky start of the year for me, I was all set on working out and bam my lil red friend decided to pay me a visit smh and I was eating every god damn thing in sight lmao {Not Funny} I was like, well…there goes not eating sugar for the month. I was eating Xavier’s cookies his chips, granola with nuts and  cranberries I mean I was going innn. And to top it all off I have a major shoot  for WrapQueen this Friday which I’m a 100% not prepared for and I can’t cancel. I have no idea what I’m wearing and I feel so ugh. Plus I have had trouble sleeping and my eye has been jumping like cray.  Plus Xavier was sick this weekend with a stomach bug- So yeap that’s how January is going for your girl but hey at least I’m posting like I promised right?;)

Can you guys believe I’m wearing sneakers, like who are you girl?LOL… but man I loved it; as I still felt extremely myself. Cute and fashionable okurrrr. I promised myself this year I will completely come out of my comfort zone, and this ladies and gents- is it. Be prepared to see more sneaker looks as style plus comfort is my thangg now. I mean, don’t get me wrong I still collect heels way more than I need, but something about a fresh white sneakers and a classic look is justtttttt  bomb AF. I’m truly inspired.

I’ve been wanting to get a pair of white sneakers for a long time now but couldn’t decide which brand I wanted to get them from, so when I found them on Shein and read the reviews I was like yeap I’m copping these. The first time I wore them they hurt my pinkie toe a lil because I didn’t wear socks. But I decided to try again because I’m lazy to wear socks and this time they were super comfy so I had to break them in like every other shoe. This is my first shoe from Shein and your girl is super impressed.

Headwrap, wrapqueenP.S. remember on the last blog post I told you I would be living in these pants well guess what I’ve been living in them. They are bomb and have cute faux pockets on the bum, I will wear again, don’t worry. hahahah. Wow I wrote a lot plan on getting back to that too. Love you!

headwrap, outfit, shein

Thanks for Reading you guys!

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What I Wore: Sweater; H&M {Men in size Small} Coat: Old bought it two years ago.{Similar} {Similar}{SimilarPants {Here} Sneakers EUR 38 {Here} Size 7  Headwrap {Here} Necklace {Here} Bag: Old, Forever 21} Love this one {Here} {Similar} {Similar}

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