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Soooo how often do you see someone wearing something you love, you ask them where it’s from, and they tell you it’s from a vintage store? Annoying isn’t it? How come some people have the best luck and find these little gems? Well guess what- you can too and actually become a victorious vintage shopper with a vintage style that’s got everyone asking you where you got it from! 

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Start Small

If you’re just getting started, then the best way to introduce yourself to the world of vintage clothing and fashion is to start with the classics. Get a few pieces that you can put together with clothes you’ve already got. For example, a fifties cardigan, a sixties dress, a timeless pair of jeans, or a nineties leather bag. You could also get a few pieces of Costume jewelery to see how you feel about mixing vintage in with your current look or even start with a vintage coat or a jacket. Mix up what you wear, sometimes just go with the one vintage piece to make it really stand out. When you’re just getting into it, then test out different things, different fabrics, exciting buttons, brooches, scarves, etc. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous, if you don’t like the look then don’t wear that one again, it’s no biggie, try something else next time.   

Know Where To Shop

You don’t just have to go searching for ‘vintage’ shops, you can find some fantastic bargains in charity shops, depending on the area but if you go to a charity shop in a wealthy area, then you’ll more than likely find some excellent bargains with some very lovely labels on. Then you could also go to car boot sales, some of these have dedicated vintage stalls where you can get some fab bargains from. There are also some really good markets known for having good vintage stalls so look them up in your area to see where you could go. Then there are some specific vintage shops as mentioned, and you can even find stuff online these days – however, it is good to see your pieces in person before you buy them so online isn’t always advised.

Avoid The Following…

Rips can be okay depending on where they are – jeans, for example, are fine, but anything that looks like it’s going to continue to rip should be avoided unless you think you’re able to fix it. If there are stains which look challenging to get out, then don’t bother with those. Missing buttons are fine as you can easily go and get some new ones and different ones will make your item look even more authentic. Make sure you smell everything to make sure there are no significant odors which you could have trouble getting out. Also, check the labels for how you can wash your items just in case this is going to prove difficult for you.

Try Everything On

Get armfuls of clothes from the racks and go and try them on. Everything looks different on that it does on a hanger, so by trying things on, you can see if the shape and style are for you. You can also work out if you need a belt with it or need to take it in and can see if that’s an easy enough job for you. Ignore sizes as well; they’re all different in different shops and years ago a size 12 was utterly different to what it is now so don’t pay any attention to the sizes because there’s just no point. Go off how it looks in the first instance and then take it to the dressing rooms to have a proper look.

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Don’t Forget About Accessories

I  mentioned this before but when you’re first getting into the vintage vibe, then accessories are an excellent way to start, but even if you’ve been vintage shopping for a while, make sure you’re making the most of the fabulous accessories out there. They can make an outfit complete, they can make an outfit unique, and they can turn a plain, dull and boring outfit into something fabulous. It’s not just bags and hats and scarves either, don’t forget the jewellery. Treat yourself to a beautiful watch which you’ll probably find at a Watch Repair Shop and always have a look at the rings and brooches too as there are some real little gems out there.

Recognize The Reworked Items

Reworked items are really worth having a look at; you can get some amazing things which have been fixed up with a twist, perhaps a denim or leather jacket with a design painted on. Usually unique or custom, handmade pieces, reworked items are old clothes which might have been torn or dishevelled are redesigned and resewn into a new garment, so it looks modern, no one else has it, but yet it’s still fresh and vintage. This is becoming increasingly popular with people, so there are more and more designers creating these items, which is only good news for you.

Check The Condition

This is why it’s really not advised to buy vintage online because it’s so important to check the condition and feel the fabric. You need to be happy that it looks good, you need to know that you like the feel of the fabric against your skin and that you think it will last and is worth buying.

Shopping vintage is an eco-friendly way to shop and as more and more people are becoming aware of how fast fashion is affecting the environment and how much people are wasting. So if you’re fashion conscious and environment conscious, then vintage is a win-win!

Thanks so much for reading guys!


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