Hey My Loves!

How are you? I’ve been having a rough week and whats crazy is that I couldn’t wait for this week to come as something exciting should be happening for Wrap Queen my second baby:) I just can’t speak on it yet. The thing is I literally prayed for this week and everything that is bad under face of this sun has been happening FML. I had to go to Urgent Care then I had to take a Tetanus shot the day after now everything hurts. The hubbz and I are at it as he’s mad at me for hurting myself smh and my influencers are driving me a bit crazy this week so your girl just needs this exciting news to happen quick fast so things can go back to somewhat normal.I also spoke to a very important person in my life and they told me to quit working so hard and create memories as my little one is really not so little anymore. And I agree. I think I’m at this stage in my life that I’ve always wanted to be, as corporate life extremely ruined my self esteem especially within the last two years of employment there. So now I have the opportunity to create my own life and it feels incredible well more like you’re on a roller coaster and you just want to keep going but at the end of the day, family is what really matters. Okay let’s move on gohhhhh I felt like I just took it back to one of my old school posts! Who remembers?! Gang Gang!!

Let’s get into this look, first of all who am I? I honestly can’t believe I’m wearing neutrals. Anyone who knows me know I’m obsessed with color I think it looks amazing on my skin see {Here} But this outfit was totally not planned I originally had black bike tights with a nude tee as we were only going to the post office…yeah I know exiting lol! but then the hubbz told me he wanted to take pix so I grabbed a pair of jeans n heels and this jacket and what to do you know a complete look of neutrals- gohh I wished I would have done a different lippie that definitely would have made the outfit pop even more!

Okay so let’s address the the elephant in the room hahah. My hair is out!! yes!… I know lol. Your girl is natural and guess what I love it. I mean it was a struggle figuring out the right products and I do think there is still better ones on the market but I love what I’m using for my hair now; and I’ve been obsessed with pinterest natural hair boards which is how I came up with this hair style. I felt twelve- but cute hahah.

I’m gonna try to grow my hair out into a fro I feel like that’s the one hairstyle in life that I haven’t tried and I want to so bad wish me luck with the process, right now I currently have it in cornrows under my headwrap:)

Thanks for reading guys!


What I wore: Jacket {Here} this one is cute {Here} Tee {Here} Jeans {Here} Bag F21; Old Similar {Here} Shoes from Charlotte Russe no longer in business- Similar Here} {Here} {Here} Love these {Here}

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