Hey My Loves!

How are you guys?! Summer officially starts on Friday can you believe? I have mixed feelings now hahah. I was excited for it but it’s not really my fave season for fashion. It’s way too hot to be cute all the time and wear makeup. Plus I’m sorta obsessed with jeans and hot weather and jeans don’t really mix. But on the up side I plan on changing up my look a bit this summer.

So I’ve been really into off the shoulder tops, mainly because of my tatt!! I meannnn I always thought it was sexy; something about a woman’s shoulders is just!!!!!! Anyway I invested in a ton for the Summer and this ladies n gents is one of them! I was drawn to it because of the roses as I thought it was beyond pretty. Also my tatt is of a rose so yahhh lol I had to get it. I plan on wearing it again with cut off shorts either blue or black this Summer as well. Stay tuned;)


What I wore: Headwrap {Here} Top {Here} Jeans {Here} Heels{Here}

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