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How are you guys? Honestly I could be doing alot better but I’m strong so I’ll get through it. I will admit though it’s rough. I went through this 3 years ago when I started Wrap Queen. I had to let go of certain people in order to become a better me. Anddddd man did Wrap Queen take off, and that’s because I had to get rid of all the negativity in my life number one person my Mother. This year I’ve had to let go of certain people again mostly family members which sucks because it’s like if you don’t have family what else is there? But at the end of the day if those same family members make you feel extremely sad and are toxic and bring out the worst in you well then you have to protect you, as that’s what’s most important. I hope this helps at least one person reading! Ok moving on to why you’re here lol- this outfit .

Islandchic77, islandchic, head wrapOkay now let’s talk about this outfit. My plan was to wear this for Easter lol umm how long ago was that smh, but can you imagine how cute it would be If this was my Easter look. I’ve always loved pastels, it’s super pretty and delicate and soft and I love that. It’s funny how I’m not a huge fan of neither Pink or Mint Green but paired together, I dieeeee it compliments each other so well. I’ve been into clear heels so much lately, it literally goes with everything gohhh; and I’m mad about that because I have so many shoes just looking at me like girlllll you gonna wear me today or nah. hahah.  I seriously have to create a PoshMark or Depop as I have tons of things you guys. Let me know if I should do it. I love this blazer you guys! Why? because it’s the perfect Summer blazer, the sleeves never roll down and I’m obsessed with that. I swear it’s the little things, always. I rarely wear my blazers all the way down at my wrist. I’m always folding it to my elbow, now to finally find a blazer that stays up on it’s own is blazer goals lol. Now I need to find a black one.

Thanks for reading you guys!

Love Uz .


What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Blazer M {HereBodySuit {Here}{Similar}{Similar} {Jeans {Here} Heels {Here} Love these {Here}  {Here}{HerePocket Book Old F21 {Similar} {Similar} {Similar}

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