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Whether we like it or not, we’re always attempting to impress others. Whether it’s the things we have, our abilities, or our looks, we’re constantly trying to get people to notice us and view us in a positive light. It’s not vain, and it’s not weird. It’s a completely natural thing. If we didn’t have that innate need for attention, then this entire species of people wouldn’t be here, and you wouldn’t be reading this post right now!


Even if you’re quite quiet and shy, you still try to gain a few looks somehow. You might try to deny it, but you know full well that when certain individuals walk past, you try to act a certain way or look a certain way!

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A huge part of the impressions you make is the clothes you wear. The outfit you rock at a certain time can make or break whichever situation you’re in. Whether you’re trying to get yourself the dream job, or you’re trying to win over the love of your life, you’ll have a better chance if you’re looking good while doing it. If you take a pretty half-hearted approach, then people will judge you based on the outfit, and it may predetermine your result. It sounds like a terrible thing, but it happens subconsciously as well as consciously. It’s natural.

We’re able to break down a few little ways an outfit displays what a person is like in our heads within the first few seconds of seeing them. We quickly add up all of the points, and our brains come up with an answer for us. Let’s quickly go through what an ensemble says.    

How Seriously You Take Yourself

If you’re trying to impress, then you need to be able to show that you’re not a joke. The way you dress can leave an impression upon somebody just how serious you can be. A smart or beautiful outfit worn at a specific time shows that you mean business and you’re not someone that doesn’t really care all that much.   

How Seriously You Take The Situation

More importantly to others is what you think of their presence and the event as a whole. A good way of telling people that you’re not really bothered about an evening or an interview is to dress half-heartedly. If you’re not really looking to put in the effort, then people are going to realize, and they’re not exactly going to be galvanized by your attendance.

Shows If You Take Care Of Yourself

When you can tell that someone takes good care of themselves in terms of looks, hygiene, and overall lifestyle, that’s when you stand up and take notice, right? It’s an attractive feature about someone. Whatever the situation, if someone looks after his or herself, then they’re going to give off the ‘everything will be alright in the ned’ attitude, which is magnetic.


How Much Confidence You Have

Confidence is a huge characteristic. If you have it, then many people tend to gravitate towards you. If you’re lacking? Well, sometimes, the opposite occurs. Confidence is impressive, and the clothes one wears can display it in droves. While a quieter person wears generic, cheap sneakers, a confident and flash person rocks some air jordan 11. While a shy girl will stay in all black in order to keep out of the spotlight, a more boisterous one would pull out all the stops and pull off a louder look.

Thanks for reading guys!!


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