Hey My Loves!

How are you guys? I’m so happy it’s Fall. Honestly I’m starting to think it’s my fave season ever!! I just wish it was a tad bit cooler in NYC. It’s literally still 80’s, 90’s  I’m here like Summer please go away- we goood over here hahah. Anyway we visited 3 farms last week mainly because we are planning a shoot for wrapqueen I had the best time ate a ton which I regret actually nah-yolo. If you’re following me on IG then you know I was eating apple pie, donuts,fries you name it. This weekend we may be going to a cabin as well just to enjoy nature and to get away from the city. So you already know more eating sigh.

Anywayyy let’s talk about this beautiful dress shall we! It was love at first sight all because I fell in love with the sleeves- plus I’m a sucker for blazers so this was perfect. I own every color!! Lol.  I especially loved the fit so structured I felt like I had to wear this with clear heels so my dress could steal all of the attention. I’m all into simple clean looks these days as I’m sure ya’ll have noticed. Less is more and simple always wins and always looks expensive. I couldn’t wait to wear this headwrap either, I felt like it complimented my dress to the “T” what do you guys think?

I tried with my eye makeup yall I was definitely feeling this look! Oh the he hubbz and I grabbed a bite to eat after this shoot- so my beautiful dress didn’t go to waste.

Thanks for Reading my loves!


What I Wore: Dress, (Here) Headwrap (Here) Heels,(Here)(Similar) Necklace (Here)Love this one {Here}Bag {Similar}

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