Hey My loves! I know I know many of you are probably wondering where the heck are my older post, but unfortunately we had a bit of a hiccup and lost our website- yes years and years of content. We tried our best to get the site back but GOdaddy couldn’t bring it back. I’m heart broken, so sad literally crying right now as I can’t believe it’s gone. Like how? There must be some way to get it back right? Trust me I thought the same thing. I argued with the hubbz I stomped my feet threw things broke things but none of those things brought it back. I have so many memories of my son and pix together that I will never get back, but I’m trying to stay strong. I know things like this happens to influencers all the time, whether you’re hacked and have to start from scratch and build again. The hubbz told me he may have a hard drive with older content but he hasn’t sort that out yet, so who knows. At this point I just want to go all in and produce a ton of content for you guys. As this is my passion, IslandChic is my baby. Islandchic helped me start “Wrap Queen” so I’m forever grateful. Anyway starting fresh I think is exactly what I need going into the new year. If I’m able to bring back any popular posts I’ll definitely share them with you. Please feel free to share with me in the comments any words of encouragement, as I need it. Now let’s talk about this look!

When I tell you this coat is everything- believe me! I absolutely love it. Although I dislike Winter I live for Winter fashion. I love layering. This coat right here is theee perfect statement coat. I’m literally harassed on the street each time I wear it with folks stopping me to ask questions about it.  Safe to say it’s one of  my fave Winter coats.

I decided to pair it with an all black look for that extra chic vibe. Very NYC lol. I’m also normally a heels kinda girl but I was headed to the city so white sneaks it was. Oh and how cute is this bag, I took the straps off and made it a mini purse and I’m obsessed. Of course I had to add a headwrap to finish my look and I went with a nude  solid color so the coat can get all the attention! I’ll be bringing you more Winter Looks so please make sure to subscribe and comment too. <3

Thanks For Reading you guys,


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