Hey My Loves!

If you’ve been an OG follower of mine then you are very aware of my love for statement coats! They are literally perfect pieces to add to your wardrobe, and trust me they will come in handy on days when you’re sitting in your towel looking at your closet full of clothes saying wtf am I gonna wear to this event etc hahahah. I know I’m definitely guilty of saying what am I gonna wear while I’m looking at a 10 pairs of jeans, 15 sweaters, 6 button downs lol you get the drift, but don’t tell the hubbz I said that-hahahha.

Statement coats are everything, well first of all I love to layer, which is kinda why I dislike Summer because you cant layer 🙁 especially not with NYC heat smh. During the Summer I gotta be creative with my outfits and honestly I’m just tryna be nakey hahah omg what is wrong with me, I cant stay focus lolol. No, but I love the Fall, Winter, and even Spring as it allows you to wear a statement jacket of some sort.

Statement coats instantly makes you appear more stylish when all you did was put on a tee and a good pair of jeans and walah! Imagine wearing an all black look and then bam you add a bright neon pink coat over your shoulders. I actually own a faux fur Pink coat which I plan to wear very soon. Statement coats/ jackets brings life and personality to your outfit, you wanna know that girl with the beautiful coat, what’s she like? where does she shop? What does the inside of her closet look like and much more, I know I obsess when I see girls in beautiful coats.

I was too excited to wear this coat maybe that explains why I was ::Cheesin:: so much in this photo lol. We had a beautiful day in the city and I was feeling absolutely amazing, I had just released a few new arrivals on “Wrap Queen” and was so excited to make a video for my customers announcing that we finally have a new texting service so they no longer had to wait on an email to keep up with me!

Any whose love the simplicity of this coat and I love that it’s black and white; which means I can wear it in so many ways. I just love pairing black and white with red so that was an obvious outfit choice for me. I would love to pull this coat off in the Spring as well wearing pastel colors- omg imagine ugh can’t wait….Stay Tuned!:) Oh and feel free to use code S1island15 for $ off .

Thanks so much for reading you guys!


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