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Leopard Dress And Sneakers

Leopard Dress And Sneakers

Hey My loves!

Now this is an outfit that is a bit outside my comfort zones for so many reasons lol. I actually really wanted a leopard dress for the longest time and my plan was to wear it in the Fall with my cropped leather jacket and some booties which are a bit more mee but I decided it to create a look for the Summer wearing my crop denim jacket and white sneakers instead. Sneakers is definitely outside my comfort zone. Heels are just the way to my heart lol; but I didn’t like the look of this dress with heels, sneakers gave it a sorta cool girl vibe which I adore. Oh and I decided to show off all my hair which I’m beginning to be obsessed with -my high puff was giving me all sorts of life the growth is amazing-but I must admit that I did miss my headwrap -sigh which I hate gohhhh because I would love to start showing my hair off more but I’m always like dang this look would be ten times better with a headwrap. Believe it or not I’m the most confident wearing my headwraps it’s become a part of me now, who I am, my look. It’s like my cape or blankey hahah I feel safe when I’m wearing it.

Two of my favorite shows are The Carrie Diaries” and “Gossip Girl” and this look reminds me of a look “Carrie would have worn back in the 80’s and a look that “Serena” from “Gossip Girl” would have worn to meet up with “Blair and “Chuck” hahha comment below if you agree.

“The Carrie Diaries”
“Gossip Girl”

Another reason why I wanted to try the whole sneaker paired with a dress look, is because it’s super trendy right now, and the girls who I’ve been pinning on pinterest kills it every time -they just look bomb. So effortless and carefree such a vibe. Although I don’t think this style was for me- only because I need my heels when wearing a dress mehnnn especially when the dress is this sexy! I might however try this look out one last time before the summer ends with a solid color satin dress instead like the pix below.We shall see! It’s like mixing hard and soft. Remember when girls would rock their tulle skirts/dresses with their leather jackets a few years ago. I definitely did! What are you thoughts? Have you guys tried the dress and sneaker look? Do you love it?



What I wore: Dress: {Here}, Sneaks {Here} Cropped denim Jacket (Here} Necklace Sold out(Similar) {Here}

White Jeans Me Please!

White Jeans Me Please!

Hey My loves!

So I saw a meme that said July please act like you have some sense and mannn did I laugh out loud. Honestly I think we are all just over it and really need the rest of the year to cooperate with us. I myself is hoping for a really good month- so far I’m a lil behind on tasks that I need to do for WrapQueen such as photoshoots etc; but with covid and all- I’m still a bit hesitant about using our models; but I’ll see what I decide. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as I always post our shoots and such there. Okay now let’s get into this look shall weee?

What’s summer without wearing white I mean is it really summer lol. TBH though I love the look of white especially on us melanin girls oooh and freshly white pedicure toes ugh I die- okk ok ok I’m getting off topic hahah. but the anxiety of it getting dirty forces me to only wear it once or twice a year. But there’s a certain freshness you feel when wearing white that I live for. I bought two white jeans recently and I think that will be it for me this year. One is more off white which I will transition into my winter wardrobe. I’ll make sure to link both below.

Okkkay now let’s get into the best part of this look my top and headwrap. I freaking love the both together. I’ve been eyeing this top for awhile now- I’d say about a year and finally getting to style it in an outfit was everything. This top is so chic kinda reminds me of a versace blouse and the hints of mustard is my favorite. I love how cute it looks with my jewelry too. And do you see this headwrap – when I tell you I was obsessed with it. The color is freaking beautiful and went perfect with my top. It’s vegan leather and not heavy at all and soft to touch! Sucks that NYC is still pretty much on lock down but trust me I did have brunch at one of my favorite healthy spots, and then we stopped and picked up fruit from our local farmers market for desert. Ohh and I ran into an old work friend as well. My day was amazing.

The Little Beet

Thanks For Reading!!

Love UZz


What I Wore: Blouse {Here} Feel free to use code S3island15 for money off any purchase! Pants; Sold Out/Similar {Here} Purchased these ones also {Here} Headwrap {Here} Shoes {Here} Wider Fit{Here}Bag; Chanel/ Similar {Here} Super cute option {Here}

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