Hey My loves!

Now this is an outfit that is a bit outside my comfort zones for so many reasons lol. I actually really wanted a leopard dress for the longest time and my plan was to wear it in the Fall with my cropped leather jacket and some booties which are a bit more mee but I decided it to create a look for the Summer wearing my crop denim jacket and white sneakers instead. Sneakers is definitely outside my comfort zone. Heels are just the way to my heart lol; but I didn’t like the look of this dress with heels, sneakers gave it a sorta cool girl vibe which I adore. Oh and I decided to show off all my hair which I’m beginning to be obsessed with -my high puff was giving me all sorts of life the growth is amazing-but I must admit that I did miss my headwrap -sigh which I hate gohhhh because I would love to start showing my hair off more but I’m always like dang this look would be ten times better with a headwrap. Believe it or not I’m the most confident wearing my headwraps it’s become a part of me now, who I am, my look. It’s like my cape or blankey hahah I feel safe when I’m wearing it.

Two of my favorite shows are The Carrie Diaries” and “Gossip Girl” and this look reminds me of a look “Carrie would have worn back in the 80’s and a look that “Serena” from “Gossip Girl” would have worn to meet up with “Blair and “Chuck” hahha comment below if you agree.

“The Carrie Diaries”
“Gossip Girl”

Another reason why I wanted to try the whole sneaker paired with a dress look, is because it’s super trendy right now, and the girls who I’ve been pinning on pinterest kills it every time -they just look bomb. So effortless and carefree such a vibe. Although I don’t think this style was for me- only because I need my heels when wearing a dress mehnnn especially when the dress is this sexy! I might however try this look out one last time before the summer ends with a solid color satin dress instead like the pix below.We shall see! It’s like mixing hard and soft. Remember when girls would rock their tulle skirts/dresses with their leather jackets a few years ago. I definitely did! What are you thoughts? Have you guys tried the dress and sneaker look? Do you love it?



What I wore: Dress: {Here}, Sneaks {Here} Cropped denim Jacket (Here} Necklace Sold out(Similar) {Here}