We’ve all done it before. Our eyes have alighted on a certain clothing item and we’ve fallen completely head over heels in love. We’ve checked the labels and.. Yes! It’s available in the right size. We’ve gotten it home, torn off the label, wrestled ourselves out of our old clothes and slid into the jeans that we’re sure will change our lives. There’s just one problem. It doesn’t look right. At all. In fact, you’re not even sure it’s the same item that you so happily bought a few mins ago from the store. You don’t feel comfortable in it. In fact, you feel terrible in it. This is not it at all. Now you need to go through the annoyance and struggle of returning it. 

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It’s never a good feeling when we feel uncomfortable in our clothes, actually it can not only ruin our mood and make us feel insecure… but something that’s supposed to bring us confidence, happiness can allows us to feel uncomfortable in the skin beneath them. And feeling good about yourself is an integral part of any self care regimen worth having. If you don’t feel comfortable in your new clothes, you need to figure out the reasons why before it really messes with you and make you feel like anything less than the goddess you are okurrr.

You’re buying too much online

It’s okay to admit it. We all love to scroll through online stores, stack up our shopping carts and occasionally treat ourselves to something cute. Especially when we’re made an offer that we can’t refuse; like 50% off. But no matter how alluring online clothes may be, there’s no escaping the fact that the images you see on screen are optimized for their appearance on screen. And that can make them look misleading, so that what you receive in the mail doesn’t seem like what you ordered. While some online stores list the sizes of the models wearing the clothes in images (and some even allow you to see clothes in a model of your size), you can be the same “size” as a model, but differ so much in dimensions that the garment looks very different on you, trust mehhh.

Online shopping can be fun. But when you do too much of it, you find yourself having to send more stuff back than you’d like.

You’re dressing for someone else’s body shape

Here’s another scenario that many of us will be familiar with. You see a friend or an influencer wearing something and you made up your mind that you simply must have it. You discreetly ask them where they got it, yuh know slide in the DM and scramble to pick it up for yourself. But when you get it home and try it on, it doesn’t hit quite the same. It may not even look bad, but the things that made it look so good on the other person are less evident on you-sigh.

It could be that you’re trying to dress for someone else’s body shape. And this is a fundamental misjudgment. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the other person is in better shape than you, has a nicer body or is more attractive than you. It simply means that their bone and muscular structure is better suited to that one item.

While we can lose weight and build muscle there are some aspects of our bodies that we may never be able to change like the setting of our bones. I meannnn lol. Even some stubborn pockets of fat may be impossible to shift with diet and exercise. You can look into information about liposuction (an option for those frustrated to stubborn areas of subcutaneous fat that are immune to exercise). Or you can embrace your body type and dress accordingly like I do, either way it’s totally up to you.

You’re led by trends not your own personal taste

We all like to think of ourselves as dedicated followers of fashion. But there will always come a time when the clothes we covet stop being for us. Or they diverge from the personal sense of style and taste that we’ve established for ourselves. And that’s okay. But when we try and force the two to converge, we may never feel comfortable in the clothes that we wear. Even if they fit like a dream. That said, they say that you should make one choice that scares you every time you go shopping. The riskier pieces very often end up becoming your favorites. 

You deserve to feel good in the clothes you wear. You paid your hard-earned money for them. And if they don’t make you feel the way they should, then they don’t deserve space in your closet.

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