Hey My loves!

How are you guys?! We are in October yay! I actually really like October, as my son was born in October and we get to celebrate him. I also really love going to the farm this time of year as well. We were looking forward to a fair that happens every weekend in October at the farm but due to covid it’s canceled- which sucks as I was really looking forward to my apple cider donuts le sigh, and I want them fresh not pre packaged. I also love all things Pumpkin and usually Trader Joes my fave supermarket ever has allll the tingzz that makes me happy. They have the best apple pie, but I’m waiting until Thanksgiving to indulge in that. lol. Hubby and X has been really loving all the Fall flavors at our Ice cream store that we love too -so yaahhh safe to say Fall is our fave.

So let me fill you in a lil about Xavier’s birthday. He actually had a really good time. Made him breakfast while he home schooled lol we got him a few gifts and a singing birthday card lol he actually really love those. Later in the evening we took him to the Sugar Factory for the first time and he loved it. He was so impressed with his milkshake and his pancakes; lol very cute spot for kids- he absolutely loved it. I had a veggie burger but did not like at all they had cheese on it but still wasn’t good fries were meh; but again it’s really for the kiddos and drinks for the adults. We stopped at the Leggo store immediately after to pick up a gift as well. We are planning on taking him on a trip soon too- so let’s see.

Okay moving on lol. When I tell you I freaking love this top, believe me it’s so cute. The color is everything- extremely bright and vivid. Took these pix right before the Summer ended. I did not want to wait until next Summer to wear it. I thought about pairing this outfit with my clear heels but I really love the look of red and yellow so I had to do it. We might be doing a mini vacay so this top will come in handy while I’m there. I believe there are more colors but yellow on my skin tone is just *Chefs Kiss*

How perfect is my headwrap with this look. It had all the colors in my outfit as well. I was too in love. Headwrap “Here” Forgive me for taking so long to show you these but your girl was busy busy as I’m preparing for Black friday stuff for my business so you know how it goes, but you definitely can wear this top on vacay plus in no time it will be Summer again, I know I’m wearing it a bunch of times. hehe.

Thanks For Reading guys,


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