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Leggings are an essential fashion item that all women should own. There’s a versatility to leggings that can’t be matched by many other trousers/joggers. You can wear them to the gym for an active fit, you can wear them to coffee with the girls, you can wear them to university lectures, or you can wear them around the house to relax! 

Every woman should have at least one pair of leggings in their wardrobe, but how do you find the best pairs? Not all leggings are created equally, so here are the main concerns when buying yours:

The fit

The main appeal of leggings is that they offer a snug fit. They’re designed to hug your legs and stay close to your skin. Therefore, you need to figure out your sizing to be sure you don’t buy any baggy leggings. The perfect pair of leggings will feel like you’re wearing thick tights – that’s how snugly they should fit! You don’t want a pair that has loose materials or flappy bits around your legs. 

Speaking of the fit, be sure to measure your inside leg to know what length to choose. Some leggings are sold in different lengths; petite, regular, or large. You need to know which ones fit your legs or be doomed to extra-long leggings or ones that stop above your ankles!

Stretching & flexibility

Next, you need to concern yourself with how stretchy and flexible the leggings are. If they’re supposed to be nice and tight, this means they could also be quite restrictive. If you’ve ever worn a pair of skinny jeans, you’ll know that tight clothes aren’t always comfortable. So, the perfect pair of leggings will be stretchy and flexible, allowing you to move around with no problems. It shouldn’t feel like you’re restricted in any way; the material should stretch as you bend or sit, then return back to normal when you stand up. This ensures they are both comfortable and practical!


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Some leggings are made from cheap materials that make them slightly see-through. The worst ones are see-through from the moment you put them on, which is never going to be good. But, one way to distinguish the best from the rest is with a squat test. If you squat in your leggings and they’re still opaque, it means they aren’t see-through. These are usually advertised as ‘ squat-proof’ leggings on various clothes websites. It’s also worth noting that see-through leggings can still show the lines of your underwear, but that’s more of an underwear issue than a leggings issue. It usually happens if your underwear is too thick, so you can check sites like Undywear that offer reviews on the best underwear to wear for leggings, etc. Realistically, you need something that’s thin – or a thong will work fine as well. 

If you keep these three concerns in mind, you should be able to bag the best pair of leggings around. Now, you have a versatile addition to your wardrobe that you will probably wear every single day!

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