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High-end designer clothing is a world of its own. While many people don’t appreciate high-end clothing, there are others that follow it religiously. They’ll keep up to date with all of the latest drops, the hottest brands and also make use of the resale market to feed their passion. If you’re interested in buying designer clothes, then we’ve got a couple of suggestions to help you take a much smarter approach.

Start following brands and influencers on social media

A great way to learn about the latest seasonal items, sales and discount codes is to follow brands and influencers on social media. This way, you can pick up on the latest trends before they kick off and you’ll learn about the newest and greatest brands. Instagram is usually the best option for following fashion-oriented influencers, but Facebook and Twitter can also work depending on the type of influencer you’re following.

Resell things that you don’t want anymore

A great way to recuperate some of the costs of buying high-end designer clothing (and potentially even making money from your passion) is to sell the things you no longer want. Try and keep the tags on if you plan to resell in the future because it can add a lot to the value of an item. You can often sell on places like eBay if the item isn’t a well-known brand. Alternatively, services like Depop and Grailed offer services that are designed for buying and selling high-end fashion.

Don’t wait for sales on hot items

Waiting for sales tends to be great advice for most people, but if you’re interested in high-end designer clothing then it’s actually not a great idea. Sales usually indicate that an item isn’t in demand, meaning you won’t get a good resale value off it if you decide to part with it in the future. You’ll want to purchase the item well before it goes out of stock because most high-end designer brands don’t restock seasonal items.

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Cut down on credit card usage

It’s a good idea to cut down on credit card usage if you want to make a habit of buying high-end designer clothing. While using a credit card can be useful for expensive purchases, it’s ultimately money you don’t own and you’re going to need to pay it back at some point in the future. We suggest using calculators on websites such as Pigly.Com to help you figure out the fastest way to pay back your credit card bills so you can start relying on your own money instead.

Don’t be afraid of buying from online marketplaces

Lastly, don’t be afraid to look at online marketplaces when searching for high-end fashion. Check out places like Farfetch, Depop, Grailed and Poshmark to find some rare or vintage items that you won’t be able to find new in stores. You can often get some fantastic deals on these used items and they’re often kept in great condition by their owners.

Online Thrift Stores — Joanna LaTorre

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