Hey My Love bugs!

Let me know if you like that name or not hahah. It’s new goh lol. How are you guys? I’ve been okay although I will say my mood has been up and down lately I’m sure like everyone. Right?! There’s alot going on in my world right now and I can’t wait to spill the beans, honestly it’s stressing me out as it’s huge super huge lol. Hmm what else lately I’ve been feeling a bit sad as I’m not posting as much as I want to and I have all these great looks in my head hahaha and just can’t find the time; I mean I try to tell myself that I’m busy doing other things so It’s okay -you can’t do it all. I literally run an entire business with my husband and it’s just us. But I really love getting ready and putting makeup on and expressing myself through my outfits, blogging is where it all started to for me honestly. My passion for experimenting with color and different looks is what inspired “WrapQueen” so of course I’m the happiest when I’m in front of the camera. Ohhh man and social media doesn’t help because I see all these beautiful looks from my favorite influencers and I’m like; “umm babe when we can we go take some pictures”. Ohhh and then forget it I end up purchasing whatever I see them wearing and they sit in my closet for the next year. Smh. I literally just bought a pair of booties from Zara this week and a Jacket and bag from Shein…shhhh don’t tell the hubbz.

I took these pix early this month we just wrapped up a photo shoot- first one since covid and I was so tired and hungry. I usually never eat before a business photoshoot because of my nerves and anxiety; so I usually save it until after. We took photos of three girls and two of them brought friends with them, when I tell you it was a lot as everyone tried putting their input in the shoot I was super over it. Going forward I’m definitely not allowing extras on shoots unless I have an assistant with me to handle everyone. Nevertheless I’m super happy with how the pictures came out!

We were headed to the car to go home and I remembered that I dressed up for a reason lol and that If I didn’t take these pictures I wouldn’t have time for a while to take them so I switched shoes through all our belongings to the side and got these pix done. N I love them; as it’s such a simple basic look. Very easy to recreate which is why I love it. Nothing beats a white buttoned down shirt and a cool pair of jeans. I’m all about effortless looks these days. Do you guys love simple looks too? I plan on wearing all simple looks this season.

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What I wore: Headwrap; sold Out- More {Here} Denim {Here} Shirt {Here}