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You can never have enough life hacks and DIY tips in your life, especially when it comes to nights out and having fun. So many people have been over the course to offer us some simple, budget-friendly solutions to making our nights out simpler and more enjoyable. See below for some tips and tricks to take the obstacles out of a good time on the town. 

Sparkle and Shine 

The Non-Matrimonial Wedding-Ring Trend | Vogue

Most of us have jewelry that’s worn and faded, this happens over time without us realizing, but it doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a whole new set of accessories. You have options, DIY options that cost a fraction of the price. 

Instead of buying it from a business you can try and go to your local hardware store and buy some ammonia and washing up liquid. You might even have some in your home already. Check out the ammonia recipe and find out how to bring your beautiful jewelry back to life. 

Using ammonia to wash your jewelry might sound extreme but it’s actually super effective. In only ten minutes your jewels will look like they just came from the latest fashion line not the bottom drawer.{Promise} Think of the money you can save and what else you can spend it on. 

Wrinkle Release

Imagine you have a plan for your evening. You’re tired from working all week and what you want to do is chill on the sofa with a glass of wine and cat, catch up on the episodes you’ve missed from working overtime. Then you get a call. 

Before you know it all your plans have changed and your mind is now in party mode. You’re going to hit the town with your girls and switch the wine for champagne. But wait, that perfect garment you were going to wear from Fig & Bloom is wrinkled. 

Without this super-fantastic DIY life hack you would be stuck, probably you would have to re-think the whole thing. Instead switch on the hot shower and seal the door. Don’t forget to hang the garment in the steamy bathroom to free it from wrinkles. 

Breaking in 

Either your feet have grown bigger or those shoes never fitted properly in the first place. Either way you find yourself in a predicament, you have a friend’s wedding to attend and there’s no way you can wear those shoes all day, they will simply kill your feet. 

Wearing shoes that are too tight or out of shape will lead to sores, blisters, or worse, embarrassment. Shoes like this are difficult to walk in and make you twist your face at inopportune moments. The comfort of your feet is vital for a wedding and right fitting shoes are mandatory. 

Luckily, there’s an effective solution. Fill a plastic sandwich bag with water and place it in the toe of the shoe. Put the shoe in the freezer for 24 hours and the shoe will expand making it fit your feet nicely at short notice.  

A Quick Hem 

What do you keep in your purse on a night out? Lipstick, right? A phone, some ID, double sided tape, some perfume, maybe a cab number – oh forget that we have uber! oh and wait, rewind – did you say some double sided tape? That’s right, some double sided tape. 

If you’re wearing a garment with a hem, maybe a skirt or a pair of long trousers, there’s every chance the hem will break and you’ll wear out the bottom or your trousers or look like a patchwork doll in a ragged skirt. That’s the last thing you want. 

Double sided tape is just the thing. A quick trip to the ladies, a rip, cut and stick job and you’re back on the dance floor. Without this quick fix solution you might end up ruining that garment that doesn’t come cheap. Lucky for you you’re not averse to DIY tricks. 

The Bedtime Trick 

The night is over. You step out of the taxi and into your home weary, energized, and a little tipsy. You aren’t quite sure what to do next. Stay up and drink some more on the balcony or crash right away. Whatever option you choose you will first have to do something about the make up. 
There’s nothing worse than crashing somewhere and waking up with a dry mouth and smudged makeup. It’s much better to deal with it now even if it seems like a task. The best DIY solution for this is a little olive oil on a cotton swab. The oil softly removes the makeup and rehydrates your skin at the same time. However your night ends you will wake up like a brand new B!

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