Hey My loves!

Misss uzz so much! Well your girl has been hibernating lol gohhhh. No seriously I’ve just been taking some much needed time from taking pictures and such -not necessarily because I didn’t want to -but we had so much going on in the past few months that is was hard to focus or even find the time to create content. We are still a bit busy but I miss dressing up and looking cute- it’s so therapeutic but I can’t wait to tell you guys why I took this really long break. I will soon lol- I hate keeping secrets. It’s so weird now though because although I truly miss putting together outfits and makeup- I’ve not done it in so long that the thought of doing it mentally exhausts me haha..I’m like ugh this is gonna take me an entire hour to complete -maybe not lol and I’ll move on to the next thing in our business that is on the top of the list. But baby steps.

Okay now let’s get into this look. I must say this is one of my favorite Winter Coats and your girl owns a lot. But I’m honestly just obsessed with the color.Omg and can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful my headwrap goes with this outfit- ugh I die lol. I actually got this coat from a thrift store do you believe that? Why would anyone get rid of this beaut! I decided to wear it with all black since I just wanted the coat to stand out on it’s own. Paired it with my fave gold accessories and my new favorite Zara boots. I’ve actually had this boots for about 3 months smh but nowhere to go. I fell in love with the chain detail so bold. I also love that these boots are super comfy. Didn’t expect that at all. I felt like it paired perfectly with my faux leather pants. Would you wear it like this? Are you a sucker for bright coats too? Let me know in the comments.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this last picture as it was definitely a candid pic but; 1) I shared it because I wanted to show off the heel height to you guys and 2) I’m genuinely happy these days and this picture for sure shows that. I saw a meme recently that said; “I stopped F#c$ing with everyone and my life has been great, a lil boring but it’s great. And this is truly where I am in my life.

Thanks for Reading you guys!

Love u so much!

What I’m Wearing: Coat; Thrifted, Black Boots Zara, Similar {Here} Headwrap {Here} Pants; Sold Out {Similar} {Similar} Necklace; Pretty Little Thing ;sold out {Similar}