Jewelry Trends to Look Out For in Summer 2021

We’re almost halfway through 2021 (crazy!), which means certain trends have already started to rise. Looking forward to the oncoming summer, figuring out what the trends will be can help you work on your summer look. 

When it comes to jewelry, several trends are starting to make a splash. With more focus on small businesses and handmade pieces we’ve seen thanks to the pandemic, summer 2021 is shaping up to be a fresh new wave for jewelry trends. 


Summer 2021 is going to be all about standing out. Bright colours seem to have been born out of the quiet of the past year. Neon pinks, greens, blues, and even oranges are looking to make a splash this summer. No more hiding at home; people are going out to be seen now!


There’s always at least one old-fashioned fashion piece that becomes trendy again each year. This time, it’s pearls. The vintage feel of pearls might have been fuelled by the resurgence of Princess Diana’s style thanks to the popularity of season for of The Crown, but you’ll see them everywhere – from runways to TikTok videos.

Pearls are a great statement jewelry piece – they work well with casual outfits and high-end clothing. They suit a picnic or a date. Perfect for any occasion in summer 2021. Turning to companies like Irish Jewelry Craft will set you up with that sophisticated jeweled look. 

Beachy vibes

A big trend for summer 2021 is beach-style jewelry. From beaded necklaces to starfish-inspired jewelry, the beach is coming to your wardrobe this summer. By drawing on both the natural world and the world of beach holidays, you’ll be looking cool, casual, and ready to soak in the sun. 

Necklaces made of seashells are a big hit with designers. It won’t be long until that trickles down to the masses. Keep a lookout for handmade looking beaded necklaces to pair together for a fun look. 

Mismatched earrings

The one statement earring is on the rise for this summer. You can make something as small as an earring the defining piece in an outfit when following this trend. From small businesses to expensive brands, you can go for the casually cool earring or the earring that almost looks like a work of art. 

This is a great way to display your personality. When your earring is expected to be slightly different, it will be cool this summer to wear a small frog earring or even parts of a plate. 


Maybe it’s been working from home that has brought cuffs into the trending zone. Cuffs are a more dramatic form of the bracelet, and when you’re working at your laptop, you’ll love staring at it (and getting no work done!). 

Cuffs bring sophistication to any look and can really round out an outfit. They are almost a progression of the past year’s love for a scrunchie around the wrist. But where the scrunchie brought youth and playfulness, a cuff will make you look elegant and wise.

Thanks so much for reading!