Hey My loves!

It’s Mid August and I did absolutely nothing this Summer….Well I did decorate my new house a lil bit- but honestly I’ve just been focusing on the business. I feel like the hubbz and I are literally starting all over again and it’s overwhelming to say the least, But it’s also fun and exciting at the same time. So many new things we have planned for our brand WrapQueen that I can barely sleep thinking about all we have to do, plus be good parents to our big baby. We introduced new Tees to the website which I’m super excited about and plans for even more. Anyway let’s get into the real reason you are here as I could go on forever hahah.

I actually wore this outfit to one of our shoots. I was really excited to wear my “Boys N the Hood” tee as I just purchased it the day before at Target. I swear -don’t sleep on Targets Graphic Tee section; especially the Mens section- they have all the good stuff there. I knew the fam and I would grab a bite to eat after the shoot so I made sure to carry my blazer which I’ve had forever, and some heels incase we decided to go somewhere fancy shmancy lol but guess what we didn’t -but I was able to dress up and feel cute which I rarely get to do these days. We went to an Hibachi restaurant for dinner which was decent, it was a new spot so yeaaa.

I mean you wouldn’t be able to tell by this picture but red is not really my fave color although this entire look is red hahah. I usually like to sprinkle red here and there -but decided to go all out with this look and I love it! It’s so bold and in your face- there is absolutely no blending in -with this look. Would you rock all this red? If No? why not I’d love to hear your thoughts my loves!

Thanks for reading.


What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Tee-Shirt {Here} Denim Sold out; Love these {Here}{Here} & {Here} Blazer Sold out- I love this one {Here}