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So never in a million years did I think I would be reviewing a TV show on my blog, I mean am I really reviewing it? I guess we shall see once I’m done writing lol. To be honest I had zero interest in the show at first . As I’ve gotten older; I realize I’m more interested in watching happy things. I enjoy love stories oh and give me all the drama I’ll take it. Although I do love any old timey kings and Queen type shows or medieval times. My current fave is The Last Kingdom…. Ok ok clearly I’m going off topic here. My point was I had no intention to watch- but the hubby convinced me; claiming it was #1 on Netflix -so for us to give it a try. I told myself, ok one episode and I’ll be done with it- cuz who finna watch a whole season with folks wearing masks and pink suits- No thank you. But boy was I wrong. I literally couldn’t believe what I was watching. The whole time I’m like what the actual F###?

Omg this episode was crazy….wait before I even talk about this episode- just to catch you up; the show is about people who pretty much have a lot of debt and was offered an opportunity to play a game- and if they won- they were rich rich and could pay what they owed. Seems fun right? except if you lose the game you die- like whatttttttt and the folks playing had no idea. Sad part is after the first game when everyone saw how sick and twisted this game was they all voted and decided they would quit -cuz like wtf ain’t nobody sign up for that….but once they went back to reality they quickly realized that life wasn’t that much better. They needed money and they still felt empty; except for one guy; Seong Gi-hun. He was always pretty optimistic throughout the entire show, he cared about people when he was poor and remained kind while playing the game although his peers quickly became enemies. This game pictured above; involved them carving out a cookie, they each had different shapes, they had to do so without breaking it. Seong Gi- Hun had the most difficult shape, which was an umbrella. As folks were getting shot in the head as their cookie broke into pieces; he quickly decided to lick his cookie vigorously so it could melt. When I tell you it was the most disturbing thing I ever had to watch. Comment below if that part was cringe asf for you too? or was it just me haha

One of my faves periodtt- Total badass

I really don’t want to make this too long It’s 11:30 pm at night and I have to wake up to take my son to his judo class at 8am tomorrow. So I’ll get to the point now. This show made me feel all the feels; which not many shows are able to do for me lately. I usually feel one or two emotions. Never a million at once. When I tell you I was sitting at the edge of the couch- believe me. I felt like I was in the game. This show made me sad, scared, worried, confused, shocked, disappointed, angry and happy all at the same time. I mean their were parts that I found myself busting out laughing -all while in the middle of what would have been an ugly cry. You guys remember Kim K ugly cry meme? That was legit me.

Ali who is another fave character of mine in the Squid Game was the reason behind my ugly cry. Why? Because I saw a lot of myself in him. Well my old self; I’m much smarter now and can detect a user and a fake friend really fast. He was the sweetest guy. Very kind, genuinely loved his team and beyond loyal which we all know is rare. But Ali was that and some. He saw the good in people; he trusted his friends, which unfortunately lead to his death. He was beyond naive, total people pleaser- and that my friend is a big no no in today’s world.

The above picture was the last episode- I could be wrong however; Seong Gi-hun had just won the game. Well he just started to play in this scene; but this was the exact face he had -when he won over a billion dollars. I really enjoyed his character, as I saw myself alot in him as well. He went in the game much like Ali, super naive; he thought humans were good and he cared a lot about people- but the more he played the games, he saw the ugly side to people, the nasty, vindictive, hateful, jealous and badmind side. It made his heart numb in the end -to the point that he wanted to kill his best friend. This show made me realize that money does not make you happy , I mean I knew that- but to see it played out was so real. He had all the money he could ever ask for, but was unhappy inside. He was actually happier when he was struggling. He had purpose he had his mom and his daughter. But when he truly opened his eyes and saw the world for what it was- he changed and so did his spirit. I end this post by saying; money is nice, sure it definitely can help you out of situations, but try healing inside- your mental health is more important than anything in this world.

Comment below letting me know what was your fave part of the show? I want to hear your thoughts. Or why you wouldn’t watch., Let’s chat.


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