When it comes to fashion, it is always nice to change things around a bit. But what can you do to make your outfit that little bit extra? You can take inspiration from around the world and add something new to your outfit.It is worth mentioning that you should never use something that is a sacred part of another culture and appropriate for your own use. What you can do is use some ideas that include different elements from around the world and use them respectfully.

Nordic Style

You might have heard of Scandinavian furniture, but have you heard of Nordic fashion? This is in the same vein as hygge and clean lines. However, Nordic fashion is about more than chunky knits and cream shirts. Nordic fashion is practical and can be worn all year round. Of course, comfort has a big part to play with this but the practical side is very important too. If you would like to try a little nordic style, choose some accessories that will be practical. Comfy backpacks and comfy walking shoes are great choices that will change things around for your outfit.

Indian Glam

India and Bollywood are starting to have a huge moment as more people embrace international cinema. When you look at the screen, you will see an explosion of colour! One thing that is clear, they like gold jewelry. If you would like to add some Bollywood glamour into your wardrobe, you could add some vibrant colours. You need to think of deep oranges, vivid blues, and crimson reds. The deeper the colours, the better. Pashminas have made their way into mainstream fashion a few years ago but you should try and buy them from Indian owned businesses when you can. Gold jewelry is also a big part of the look, so choose some beautiful pieces that will compliment your outfit and add that extra wow factor.

Japanese Kawaii

Have you ever looked at the cute outfits that they wear in Japan and wondered what they were about? Kawaii is not just a cute style, it is a movement for women. The kawaii movement started when the ladies started to reject the social roles that were being forced on them in the late 1960s. So if you see a pastel pink outfit, it is an act of rebellion by a group of young women. If you would like to include some kawaii in your life, you could add some Hello Kitty accessories or throw some pastels into your wardrobe. When it comes to kawaii, you don’t need to go completely childlike with pigtails in your hair, but it is a great excuse to reuse some of those accessories that you have had since you were a kid.

As you can see, there are many ways to use some inspiration from around the world without being disrespectful to the culture that they have come from. Try it for yourself and see how you can add that extra bit of class to your outfit.

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