Hey Babes!

How are you! Happy New year; we are finally here I must say I was sorta excited for the New Year which I never am, blame it on me be an over thinker…sigh. I’m always anticipating what’s coming next and having super anxiety; which never really allow me to live in the moment. But somehow this year I felt ok despite all the madness going on in the world. I believe it’s because I actually took the time to plan my year somewhat-meaning I’ve set goals for myself and my business that I’m confident I can execute which takes the fear away, so my one advice to you guys for 2022 is set realistic goals for yourself and try not to wing it so much this year. Oh while you’re at it be sure to check out my video “Here” on how to manifest your best life in 2022.

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Okay now let’s get into this look shall we. So it all started with the first all brown look above. I saw the look on pinterest and I was obsessed; as I’ve never done all brown but I have done all black so I wanted to try. I literally went in my closet and picked out everything that was brown and hoped for the best lol. It was a warmer day which is why I paired this look with open toes ;if it was a colder day I would have definitely worn my clear heels with this look. I also had the perfect headwrap to go with -which tied the entire look together. Don’t you think? Would you guys rock all brown? I actually believe that monochromatic outfits work everytime; but let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for Reading you guys!


What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Jacket sold out- {Similar}Need this color {Here} Plus Size {Here} {Similar} {Similar} In Black {Here} Pants:Sold out; {Similar} {Similar} Love these {Here} Top: {Here} {Similar} Heels; {Here} {Similar} {More Styles}