If you’ve been following me for awhile then you know that I love a good blazer. I love all types of fits as well. I know most prefer the oversized fits only. But I can definitely appreciate a tighter fit for a sexier look, maybe date night with the hubbz or drinks with your girls after work. I especially enjoy a structured blazer. Structured blazers are everything. It gets its name from the cut of the shoulder. The shoulder pads sits a bit past the sleeve head, which gives the blazer the perfect silhouette that compliments the body’s natural shape. As you can see in the above pic the shoulder pads gives the illusion of a smaller waist even though the blazer is oversized.
I love that blazers can be easily worn and will have you looking put together with little to no effort. Every woman should have at least one well fitting blazer in her closet, preferably black or a nude like the one I’m wearing. Why? because it’s versatile. It can be worn in a professional setting ie; at the office a business meeting even a zoom call lol. You can literally throw on a blazer over your pajama top and no one will suspect a thing. Hahah please tag me on IG if you do @islandchic77 I’d love to see.

Thought I would share this outfit look -wearing a blazer incase you needed some Spring/ Summer Inspo

Thanks for reading- And let me know in the comments your thoughts about blazers. Do we love them hate them?



What I wore; Headwrap{Here} Blazer Thrifted-{Similar} {Similar} In Black {Similar} Vintage {Here} Brown Top{Here} Similar{Here} {Here} Pants; Sold Out. Similar {Here} {Here} {Here} {Here} {Here} Necklace;Sold Out. Love these {Here}{Here} And {Here} Heels {Here} {Here}