So there is nothing I love more than statement coats, why? because it instantly makes you look like you’re doing the most when in actuality you are not. When wearing statement coats; what you wear underneath can be very simple. A tee/ graphic tee, Turtle neck, button down shirt any of those options can suffice. I decided to go with my trusty white tee as you can never go wrong. A statement coat doesn’t have to have a pattern, it could simply be a bright colored coat or a coat with lots of details. A standout piece.
I’ve had this coat for awhile but I refused to part ways as I can totally wear this in so many ways. I could do an all black look or all ivory. So don’t think this will be the last time you see this coat. I’m all about re-wearing clothes. You guys, you don’t always have to buy something new when going to an event, you should always be able to shop your closet. Mix and match your items, if you wore a skirt with a look last time, try wearing pants the next etc, have fun with it. 

Quick story about what I did this particular day. We ended up driving to the post office as it closes at 6pm on Sundays and we had to get there before closing. We then took these pictures and decided to grab a bite to eat. We tried a ramen spot which I wasn’t too impressed with- but we were all starving. We then decided to go to HomeGoods to pick up a few things for our dog and a few lil things for the house, candles, table books etc.

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What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Similar{Here} Coat Old, {Similar} {Similar} {Similar}{Similar} {Similar} Jeans {Here} {Similar} I have these also{Here} White Tee {Here} love this option {Here} too. Heels {Here}

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