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It’s Spring in NYC. Well that’s until today ….when we had a snow storm hahaha smh. I literally have to laugh cuz wtf bruh ….how was I wearing open toe heels just this weekend and now I’m in winter boots shoveling my front door steps. Anyway I’m so happy to see color all over the stores right now. I mean I never needed color to be on trend as you all know that’s pretty much all I wear. It’s my love language lol but it’s nice to have options.
I’ve had this orange pullover for a while now. It actually came with a skirt but the skirt fitted all types wrong so I will never wear it lol …but this top I can’t get enough of, decided to pair it with my green bag for that good ole color block look and I love it. Oh and these jeans are hunny…I’m obsessed -got them a while back too will def link. They fit amazingly. I do wish it was a tad longer to hide my shoes but that’s just my preference; I still think they are pretty hot. Super comfy and I felt like I could eat my life away in these as it was so roomy at the waist. Oh and I felt like I was back in HS with these cargo pants. Added my favorite headwrap at the moment to complete the look and wahlahhhh.
We spent the day in Brooklyn as the hubbz had to teach a class. Once he was done we went to try a new spot in BK called PEPPERS Jerk Chicken, I do think I have to visit another location as the chicken was definitely not peppery lol. I ofc spilled sauce on my pants lol, We then headed back into the city to snap this pic and took our dog Cookie for a walk …she was horrible hahah. I swear I wish we got her when we lived in the city; as now she’s used to the quiet life, the soft life, so noises and all these random dogs in the city have her on edge lmao …so embarrassing. That’s it for now guys gotta go make dinner.

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