Hey my loves!

So excited to be wearing this mini skirt finally. I actually bought it last Summer as I was so obsessed with this one here I need to re-wear it this season as well. Are you guys into lil mini skirts too? I find them super sexy and feminine. I love to wear them when I need to take a break from denims.

mini skirt, emerald green

.Anyway, how are you guys? I’m okay, it’s pretty hard to focus today for some reason I have a lot to do as I’m taking a 5 day boot camp course and it’s currently kicking my butt. I was working on it all day/night yesterday and today my printer isn’t working for me to complete today’s task; and I’m having major anxiety…but I digress. Decided to wear this look on a lil lunch date with the hubbz as I barely dress up these days but we were celebrating 6 years in business so ya know I had to look a lil cute. I’ve also gone back on youtube and I’m excited about that again. Honestly, I just want to do all the things in life that I’ve always wanted to do because I don’t want any regrets when I’m older.

mini skirt, headwrap

What I wore: headwrap {Here} Earrings {Here} Top H&M.Sold out {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} Green Skirt, Zara; Sold Out {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} Heels {Here} {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} {Similar}