I recently went to Sephora and picked up a few goodies. I love them all and have been using these products from Whappie kill Phillup which means in Jamaican patois since forever. I remember the moment that I got into high end products. I just turned thirty lol and I was like umm so we are not gonna only use neutrogena although they’re some really good affordable drug store products as well. I swear by Cerave products you guys know this especially if you watched my youtube video where I go in more deets about it here. I also knew I wanted to up my makeup game too. Again, although I do swear by Loreal, Elf and a few more I wanted to the day I turned thirty I knew I wanted to really treat my skin well overall….I knew it needed moisture and glow and I really wanted to improve the texture. Over the years I have truly figured out what works and I love that for meeee.

Ole Henriksen Dark Spot Toner: Is an absolute game changer for me, I swear it removed pretty much all dark spots along with using Vitamin C ofcourse; but I definitely credit most of it to this product.

Nars Blush: This blush is beautiful, goes on nice and matte and the color is so bright and vivid. A little goes a long way as you don’t need much for it to pop on those cheeks.

Laneige Lip Mask: Okay so I was on the fence about this one for awhile as it’s a bit pricey for a lip product. I remember being desperate as my lips got super chapped in the winter and I hated the way it looked when I applied my makeup. I had heard so many good things about this product and coincidentally received a mini version as a birthday gift from Sephora …and Ya’ll I was hooked lol. Let’s just say it feels like luxury on your lips; plus it lasts a very long time which makes up for the price. I need to try the other flavors.

Laura Mercier Powder: Anyone that has this product will tell you it’s soo good I also swear by Huda but this is a fave for sure.

Kiehl’s Reviving Concentrate: I love using this stuff. I picked it up one day on a whim, literally had the sales clerk convince me it was good. I was desperate as my skin was so dry and I felt like it needed a lil umph; well this did the trick. I prefer putting it on when I apply my makeup, it goes on so smoothly.

Bum Bum Cream; AllI have to say about this is that it smells divine, my son and husband go crazy when I wear it. The smell is a bit overpowering so you only need the smallest amount

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream: Lavvvvvv it’s so good, nice and thick… like I like my creams to be. Trust me your face will be so moisturized after applying this baby.

Kiehl’s Creamy Avocado Eye Cream: This was one of my first eye creams I purchased, It really got me at avocado tbh. It goes on thick but absorbs in the skin very nicely. This product is super hydrating your skin; your skin will thank you. Oh and it also works great under your eye makeup.

Benefits Porefessional: Okay so this brand was first introduced to me by a famous Youtuber Jackie Aina; she raved about this and I was fortunate enough to receive it in a PR package, and when I tell you I love it believe me. I only use it in key areas on my face where my pores may look a bit huge.

Ole Henriksen Pore Mask: As you can tell by now I adore the brand so again picked this up on a whim and was pretty pleased with the results.

Banana Eye Cream: Love this Cream as well it actually really brightens the under eye and works great under makeup. This is perfect for those who may suffer with a bit of discoloration under the eyes.

Milk Hydro Grip: This primer is really good and if you’re into makeup and beauty I’m sure you’ve seen your faves apply this primer before doing their makeup. It’s really that girl

Benefits Brow Setter: This product is too bomb. What makes it good in my opinion is the wand and for that I’m gonna stick beside it lol.

Benefits Precisely My Brow Pencil: Let’s just say I haven’t used another brow pencil in years. I have tried different shades of Brown but that’s it…Really the only thing that gets my brows together and I love the brush at the other end of the pencil.