Hey My beauties!

I wanted to sneak in this last Summer fit before the Summer ends as it’s labor day today…..Although I will say two things one I most likely will still wear white after labour day because we break rules around here hahah and two I’ll most likely wear shorts one last time before the Summer comes to a complete end. Knowing me I may just add a blazer with my orange shorts you saw here and make it Fall appropriate, hmm I think that might be my next fit lol we shall see.

I easily could have worn red white and blue which is so expected but no, I couldn’t wait to wear my orange heels and crop top paired together both from Amazon …can you believe that…Ofcourse I linked everything for you below.

white shorts, orange heels, headwraps, headwrap, crop top
white shorts, headwrap, orange heels

Omg so tomorrow X starts a brand new school and I feel like it’s me starting ugh- lol. We have to all get up at 5:30am as he has to get the bus by 6:30 everyday FML. I mean I’m trying to look at the bright side as it’s a very good school and he finally got accepted…. and by waking up this early I can be more productive in the mornings now. Walk my dog earlier and create content for you guys….Sigh,…but 5:30 though I guess I won’t be scrolling Tik Tok 11:30 at night anymore. Anyway I gotta go get him ready. I still need to wash his hair and help choose his outfits…Yeap he still values my opinion; perks of having a boy lol -Love u Guys!

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Headwrap {Here} Shirt {Here} Shorts; Old Love this one {Here} {Here} Similar {Here} {Here} Heels {Here} Bag {Here}