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My 11 year old son canceled Delilah! I bet most of you are saying… What? Who is Delilah and why would your son do that? Delilah is an American radio personality who aired on 99.9 Lite FM. Well it came as a surprise to me too but here’s how it happened. As far back as I can remember my son listened to Delilah radio faithfully, I would say as early as 7 or 8 years old. He didn’t like to go to bed; so I told him he could listen to the radio and that would put him to sleep eventually and that’s when he discovered Delilah. It was the only radio station that the music was calming enough to help him sleep. He became obsessed with it and would sometimes listen to it during the days while he played with his toys, I remember my husband and I walking by his bedroom many years ago and would hear “I Don’t Want To Wait” by Paula Cole. also known as Dawson Creek’s theme music hahaha and we would smile and say aww as we very much loved listening to the same music as well.

 As he got older I would say around 9 or 10 he was even more into her and would tell us that we should call in to the show {Hey Delilah} because she helps people with their problems and he would tell us some of the stories. He also loved the show during Christmas as she would play all his fave Christmas songs. We were so surprised and I would tell him I listened to her too as a child.

Fast forward another year and he’s now 10 years old, we are now living in the suburbs and he gets invited for lunch/playdate by a friend he met at one of his Jiu jitsu classes. When they got back I invited his friend’s mom inside for some coffee while the boys played a bit. And you guys would not believe what she told me lol, she says, “Wow Xavier is such a character- I was asking him a lot about himself and he told me listens to Delilah at night to help him sleep and shared some of the stories on the show”. I was so surprised he told her about it- he was proud okay- huge fan. I guess I was shocked because I never ever discussed what I was listening to or watching to any grown up for fear of being judged and simply because adults didn’t care- but I guess my son was different.

Okay; so I felt like I had to give you all the backstory in order for you to really understand the shock when one day we were all casually hanging out in my bedroom and it was getting close to his bedtime and I told him to go to bed, he hesitated for a sec and I casually said; “How come I haven’t heard you play Delilah anymore; instead it’s gamer music”, and he confidently said, “I don’t listen to her anymore- I stopped a very long time ago”; ofc, I said, “What! Why?” He said, “Well, when it was women’s month all she spoke about was women all the time, which is fine; but for Black history month she said nothing- not once; She did not acknowledge black history month so I decided to stop listening”. I was so shocked and proud of him at the same time for coming to that decision on his own. He didn’t feel seen by her, and so he stopped listening. He canceled Delilah. As I’m writing about it now- it gives me chills as I don’t remember taking a stance about anything at that age or something as important as race. It’s honestly those small moments when I say okay; James and I are not doing that bad.

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