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When I tell you these natural hair products have me all the way in love with my natural hair believe me. To be honest I never really knew what I was about to get myself into when I decided to go natural ….and I have my business WrapQueen to thank for that. If you are new around these parts then.. Hi my name is Kelly and I am a business owner. We sell head wraps and apparel. When I started WrapQueen I had to promote daily so that meant I wore a headwrap daily which worked but I started neglecting my permed hair underneath my wraps.

One day I decided to stop perming my hair since I was covering it anyway and just go natural. Funny story is I always admired girls with natural hair and had an entire pinterest board dedicated to it. But I struggled to find the right natural hair products and let me tell you it wasn’t fun until I found these gems. They have helped made wash day so easy for me that I actually look forward to it…well not necessarily haha but you get it. LOL. I do love seeing my hair growth.

Now let’s get into these products.

  1. The Aloe & Coconut water Pre-Shampoo is everything. My hair has so much slip it always looks great too, super moisturized and hydrated and super detangled. This single product has cut my wash time in half.
  2. TGIN Honey Miracle Mask. Honestly, this product will have your hair feeling like butter, literally melting in your hands.
  3. Mielle Pomegranate Leave-In Conditioner & Shea Moisture Strengthen & restore Leave-In. I love both as they are super hydrating and make my hair so strong.
  4. Wild Growth Hair Oil. This was totally unexpected as I don’t use this oil religiously but “mehnnn” does it work.
  5. 24-Hour Edge Tamer. This one is a fave “chef’s kiss” your edges “it won’t move” hahaha; and lasts all day. Just be sure to tie it down with a scarf so the gel can dry.
  6. Hair Mayonnaise: Hair needs protein to thrive, it provides strength and structure. Your hair will become weak and break W/O Protein.
  7. Kinky Curly Come Clean: This will clarify your hair best used once a month to get rid of product build up.

Natural Hair Products

  1. The Aloe & Coconut water Pre- Shampoo
  2. TGIN Honey Miracle Mask.
  3. Mielle Pomegranate Leave-In Conditioner & Shea Moisture Strengthen & restore Leave-In.
  4. Wild Growth Hair Oil
  5. 24-Hour Edge Tamer.
  6. Hair Mayonnaise
  7. Kinky Curly Come Clean