Okay so your girl has been obsessed with a few things lately and what type of friend would I be if I did not share it with my favorite people in the whole world…Yes… you guys Duhh lol. So let’s jump right into it, shall we.

FanFest Mascara: This has to be my new favorite Mascara for sure, and I have a lot trust me. I actually consider myself a false lash girlie the bigger the better, but for the past few months I’ve been doing 5 min makeup routines and using mascara, and this one from Benefits Cosmetics has to be my favorite, I actually don’t miss my false lashes at all. This one does dry fast though so be sure to move quickly {Link Here}

Bottega Earring Dupes: I absolutely love these earrings OMG, I shared it on my Instagram stories recently and you guys went crazy for it and actually came back and told me you loved it just as much as I do. These earrings are so dainty and pretty and most importantly light. I could wear them all day, they absolutely bring life to your outfits. {Link Here}

Bottega Dupes Sunglasses: Now hear me out, I actually had these sunnies for a while now and for some reason forgot about them completely as I own quite a few sunnies, anyway I came across it 3 weeks ago and I can’t take them off. They look so freaking good, definitely elevates your look. {Link Here}

CocoKind Ceramide Barrier: This product was actually sent to me in PR and I can’t thank the brand enough. I actually love the entire line of products and I love the name “Kind” It makes me feel like I’m only putting pure goodness on my face LOL, and I love that for me. But this serum is perfection and has completely transformed my face, You need it. {Link Here}

EOS Vanilla Cashmere Lotion: This lotion is everything and I’m not even a huge fan of vanilla, but I heard that men actually really gravitate towards that smell so I was like hmm… let me see what the hype is all about; as the lotion is all the rave on tik tok. Well, guess what I love love love. It’s moisturizing and the scent lasts pretty long on the body which I like. I’m also obsessed with another lotion as well but I’ll share it in Part 2. {Link Here}

Be sure to comment if you have tried any of these and love them too!

Thanks For Reading