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Thirteen years ago my Doctor told me my due date was October 10th but X decided to make an entrance two weeks early; which is normal; although I think all the dancing I was doing made him come sooner. Hahaha, I’m still dancing to this day. Ahhhhh so many emotions right now as I cannot believe I have a 13-year-old, like how did that happen? I can’t believe how much time is flying by and let me tell you I don’t like it. I know I won’t get these moments back so I want to bottle it up for as long as possible. X officially turned 13 yesterday October 1st 8:49 am and it was a beautiful day, we got 70 degrees here and we were all in heaven. One thing James and I have done for each birthday is make it special and I mean really special we always do something that we know he has been talking about for a while; plus as a mom I listen to him when he talks like really listen so I’m able to come up with the best gifts which are usually experiences. We find that he appreciates that more than gifts. I mean he will always accept leggos or Robux lol or money to invest in stocks but deep down he wants to experience life and the finer things at that too; lol he’s a libra so I knew that was coming.

We knew his 13 birthday had to be special something he would remember, I woke him up my usual way with loud birthday music blasting lol he loves it. Then James made his favorite breakfast which was pancakes with lots of fun toppings extra butter and syrup. I then let him open my very sloppy gift-wrapped bag of “Takis” and Jamaican Cola Champagne soda for him to open, and have as a snack once we were outside, and ofc he loved it. But the big surprise was we decided to take him to the gun range…yeap the gun range. We live in a state where carrying a weapon is legal… I mean we are not getting him a gun or anything lol but we knew he always had an interest and thought 13 was a perfect age, as he is now a teenager and we thought it was best to get him familiar so he will always be safe; especially if he happens to be around any friends whose parent may have a gun; he will know how to be responsible and not view it as a toy. We all had the best time. X was a freaking expert, don’t ask me how; I’m as shocked as you. He shot with a sniper gun and the damn boy aimed perfectly at all the targets and was able to shoot a rope in half. James was able to join in too and wasn’t bad either actually he was really good. I had zero intention of shooting with them but the pressure was getting “Worserrrrrr” hahah and they convinced me to do it. I was nervous as heck; as I’ve never held a gun but it was an experience. We plan to go back regularly as a family so that’s cool and we told X once his behavior etc. and grades are good we can go as often as he likes.

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Shooting range, Pennsylvania, gun shooting
shooting range, gun shooting

We then stopped to get candles for his cake and ingredients to make homemade ramen noodles which let me tell you James and I took forever making for the boy to not like it at all lmao…I swear it wasn’t funny yesterday when I was tired as heck and he barely took a few bites, next time we know store-bought Ramen from Aldis would have been just fine lol. We then got his cake and sang Happy Birthday to him and he was in heaven. James and I too, as Chocolate cake is our favorite… so umm safe to say everyone was happy…. sent him to bed while James and I finished season 2 of Top Boy on Netflix.

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