So by now, you all know we moved right? right? And if you didn’t know my family and I moved last December from our home in Pennsylvania. We lived there for 3 years which is so crazy because we had no idea that we would move so soon. I actually loved our home and had every intention to live there- at least until Xavier our son, graduated High school, but after a year we knew it wasn’t the right fit for us. Originally we wanted to live in a more city-like area in PA called “Stroudsburg” but when we began house hunting we couldn’t find anything in that area. We also knew the schools there would be great but we just had no luck. The area we ended up moving to was nice but really what sold it for us was the home itself.

My bedroom was freaking huge, I finally had a king bed ya’ll and I wasn’t giving that up. But after living there we realized the weather in our area was completely different. The temperature was way colder where we lived, we would get snow in our area, lots of fog, rain… I mean it was insane really. The best times were Spring and Summer because the temperatures were always 10 degrees cooler than in NY. Our Summer temperatures only went to 80 degrees which was great, as I hate the heat but Winters was awful. We also didn’t like that everything required a car, we had to drive everywhere. Hmm… what else our neighbors were a bit older so although they were nice we couldn’t relate. Also, the school we had X in just wasn’t diverse enough -although it was great and he was doing very well, we essentially want him around more kids that look like him. Plus the girls outnumbered the boys by a lot so we weren’t extremely happy with that situation. If I’m being honest I did love the peace of mind that I got living there but I think the hubbz was getting a lil mad hahahha. Oh and did I mention all the damn animals that we lived amongst. The worse was the bears I have so many damn bear stories hahhaah and they were huge lawddd. But anyway with all the above mentioned; where we lived just didn’t feel like home. I definitely could have stayed a bit longer -but the hubbz said it was time to go and I followed his lead.

Now I know you’re thinking okay girl but Texas?! That is a huge move…yes it is for sure but we had been thinking about Texas for a while. Actually, before we moved to PA, but the hubbz was afraid to move so far, especially since we had a business and we would be so far from our supplier. But with us living in PA we realized it wasn’t so bad at all. Was it overwhelming to move to a different state you may ask? And that answer is Yes & Yes. I never cried so much in my life…well I’m being dramatic but still. First of all the stress of selling a home instead of buying one; is way different- do not recommend hahahah. But it became a pain for us because we lived in our home right up till it was sold, so imagine having to clean every minute of every day because some random person requested to view your home. It was stressful. I had to leave our home in the rain & cold with our dog, being locked out a million times because the realtor would forget to unlock the door ..just a mess.

However, we sold In early November and we couldn’t be anymore happier. We ended up doing a road trip to Texas because we didn’t want to travel without Cookie (our dog), so we decided to have her with us instead of on a plane. So there you have it you guys, and forgive me for taking so long but believe it or not I’m still getting settled in my home…but a few of you were inquiring over on Instagram and I figured instead of repeating myself I would do a post for you all. We actually really like it here so far, but I’ll report back after the Summer as I heard Texas heat is crazy; someone told us today 100 degrees is normal.

Thanks for Reading- Feel free to leave your questions below.


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