I Feel like lips are my favorite part of doing my makeup along with my brows. Once you do your brows you immediately shape your face and instantly make you look ten times better, you can actually do your brows, mascara, and lips, and be completely done. But I love doing my lips; either lip liner with a gloss or just adding lipstick, but doing your lips completes your look. Anyway, I recently got these two YSL lipsticks and I’m so impressed with them. I wasn’t sure I would like them as they were not matte, but it was the complete opposite for me. It had a satin finish and smelled so good. The colors are highly pigmented too. I highly recommend it.


YSl Rouge Volupte Rose
YSL Rouge Volupte Burnt

Products Used: YSl Rouge Volupte Rose YSL Rouge Volupte Burnt.