We recently did a photo shoot and one of my husband’s clients told us about a Luxury movie theater in the area that we must experience. We knew Valentine’s Day was coming up as well as the Bob Marley Movie, One Love; so in that moment we both looked at each other and were like…yeap; that’s where we are going. Now…. we’re not V-Day people per se, but since the movie opened on that day we thought why not make it a day date. I must say I had the best time, although for the entire movie, I thought I lost his gift which was an updated engagement band. Turns out it fell out of my bag when we got to the theater, and right before the movie started I planned on giving it to him, but I couldn’t find it….along with a cute little homemade card. Yeap; I still make those and kiss on it and spray his fave perfume hahah.

I was so nervous the entire movie because that would be the icing on the cake, but as soon as the lights came on, once the movie ended, I saw it on the floor next to my foot. I was so freaking happy because I honestly had all day to give it to him – so to lose it would be crazy. First, let me tell you what we ate at the theater, we ordered burgers veggie burgers but it was the best damn burgers I ever had well maybe not the best but pretty damn close. It was served with fries and it was everything. The hubbz was still hungry so he ended up getting popcorn which I did not have, but he told me the popcorn was basic so don’t get that. Oh, and the bathroom in this place was amazing so beautiful and huge at the same time. I definitely; recommend this theater (Here) for date night.

Okay, my thoughts on the movie. I give it a solid 8/10 the middle and end saved it a bit. I loved how they focused on Rita Marley, Bob’s wife. It showed how strong she was and I loved that. She didn’t just take what Bob gave out, I mean they were in a polygamous relationship, but let’s just say she had her fun too. I wished they focused on Bob’s childhood a bit more, it felt incomplete without it. I would have loved to know how he started singing and playing the guitar, and where did that love come from. I do know his mom was a singer but did she teach him, you know, things we all want to know about the legend Bob Marley? I would have liked to know what he did in school, did he even attend school, what made him turn into a Rastafarian -so many questions. I read an article where someone said that they had to make Bob’s image squeaky clean because it would do his brand harm if they shared his personal life, so it was to their benefit for us to not see him in a negative light.

Anyway, let’s talk about my outfit. I had this pink faux fur coat forever, Hmm maybe about 5 years, but never got the chance to wear it. I told myself this Winter I’m wearing it regardless and of course, of all the days I decided to wear it on Valentine’s Day- haha total coincidence. But how cute that it was lovers’ day and I wore pink. I got nonstop compliments and stares in this outfit, absolutely loved it. Faux fur is also on trend – they are calling it the “mob wife” era lol. I own about 5 faux fur coats so don’t wait on trends okayyy:)

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